Proper storage of spices in the kitchen

Spices give a special taste and aroma to almost any dish. Each kitchen has at least a minimal set of seasonings, especially loved by family members. But even in this case, it is useful to find out how to properly store spices in the kitchen and what is their shelf life. Where to store spices? Proper storage of spices can significantly increase their shelf life.

What are the chairs

Armchair is an integral attribute of a modern home. Long gone are the days when this piece of furniture was considered a luxury that only the rich could afford. Today, in furniture stores there are chairs for every taste. The range of models, frame options and upholstery materials is simply huge.

What is a sofa

In Europe, any sofa is usually called a sofa. It is considered a mandatory attribute of the living room, because a party without such a cozy place to relax is simply unthinkable. True, providing comfort while sleeping on it is quite difficult, judging by the Hollywood films. But is it? What is a sofa Explanatory dictionaries describe it as a soft bench with a back and armrests.

What is the stability of the floorboard

In the process of choosing parquet, special attention is paid not only to the appearance, but to the durability of the product. Stability is one of the key parameters that will help determine the quality of the product. What is parquet board stability Parquet stability is the ability of a material to withstand heavy loads for a certain amount of time.

Can I clean the floor with a steam mop

High-quality parquet is an adornment of any house or apartment. However, unlike linoleum, it is quite demanding on proper care. Is it possible to wash the floor with a steam mop? Progress does not stand still and to replace the usual buckets and lazy dogs, the steam version of the mop has come. Such devices are very convenient to use, perfectly cope even with severe pollution and greasy spots.