Which bath is better - acrylic or steel?

More recently, people have been deprived of the possibility of choosing the material from which the bath is made. In carrying out repairs, it was possible to replace the old sanitary ware made of cast iron with a new one made of the same material.

Now the situation has changed, and Many buyers are faced with a problem: which bath is better to choose - acrylic or steel? After all, the sanitary ware is purchased for a long time, so it must meet all the stated requirements.

What should be the bath?

Each person, representing the ideal bath, gives it certain characteristics:

  • Heat capacity. The product should keep the water temperature well.
  • The surface of the bowl. The coating should not be slippery. In this case, it will be safe to take a bath.
  • Coating stability. The surface of the tank must be resistant to mechanical damage. In this case, the care of the bowl will not require the purchase of special cleaning products.
  • Wall thickness. Choose a bath with thick walls. They give the product additional strength.
  • The mass of the tank. Too much weight of the product will become a problem when installing the bath.
  • Design. Modern bowls can be of any shape and color.

Acrylic baths

Acrylic is a modern material for making bowls. Despite his "youth", he managed to gain popularity among a large number of people.


For the manufacture of baths acrylate is used is a synthetic material. Acrylate is ideal for sanitary products. But it is very plastic material, so it needs a frame.

The frame is made of metal. is he gives the bath the necessary rigidity and helps to properly distribute the load. The structure is assembled from a metal profile coated with anti-corrosion paint. It includes:

  • stiffening rib;
  • legs that can be adjusted in height;
  • support for the tank.

Important! The more points of support at the frame, the lower the strength of sanitary products.

Exists two types of frame: solid and welded. The first option is more durable. Therefore, when choosing a bath, pay attention to the products with such a frame - they will serve you for many years.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of acrylic baths include:

  1. High heat capacity. The bowl keeps the water warm for a long time.
  2. Additional options. Such products have a number of additional functions, for example, hydromassage.
  3. Weight. Acrylic is a lightweight material, so the tank is lightweight.


  1. Because of acrylic is soft, it is quite difficult to care for. This will require the purchase of special detergents.
  2. Poor tolerate temperature extremes.


Material properties and the use of modern technologies allow to produce acrylic baths of various shapes: round, oval and other. And the ability to add coloring pigments to the coating allows you to get a product of any color.

Life time

The lifetime of the tank depends on the quality of the materials used in the manufacture. Especially long will serve a bath of cast acrylic. And at careful leaving the term of operation considerably increases.

Secret of choice

When choosing a bath, give preference only to proven manufacturers, ask the seller to provide a certificate of quality. Carefully inspect the bottom of the tank - there should be no signs of mechanical damage. Check the number of layers of acrylic - a quality product must have at least four.

Steel baths

Like products from acrylic, steel bath has its own advantages, disadvantages and individual characteristics.


Any steel tub has a tendency to slight deformation. Therefore, manufacturers equip it with a reinforcement cage. It is a structure consisting of several supports. On this frame is mounting bowl.

Advantages and disadvantages

Steel baths have a number of undeniable advantages.:

  1. Easy installation. Bowls are easy to install.
  2. Easy care. The tank is enameled, which does not require special care. The main thing - do not use cleaning products containing abrasive particles. They can scratch the enamel.
  3. Weight does not exceed 30 kg.
  4. Price. This is the most inexpensive type of bath.

Not without drawbacks:

  1. Steel bowls keep water temperature poor.
  2. With improper installation there is a possibility of tipping the product.
  3. Under the weight the bottom of the bowl can be deformed.
  4. It has poor noise cancellation. Due to the fact that the walls of the product are thin, the jet of water "rings" when in contact with the bowl.
  5. Prone to rust. If used carelessly, the enamel may break off.. Later on this place will rust.


Steel - the material is quite flexible, which allows you to make a variety of designs.

Life time

With proper use, such the product can last more than 25 years. And stainless steel products will last even longer.

Secret of choice

When choosing a suitable modelpay attention to the walls of the bowl. Their thickness should be at least 3 mm. Since this is quite difficult to do, lift the tank up. It is worth refraining from buying too light a product.

Carefully inspect the enamel coating. On him there should not be chips, drips and other defects.

What's better?

Can't say which product is better. The main thing is that the bath must meet all the requirements and be made in compliance with the technology.

When choosing between two types of bowls, it is necessary to compare their main characteristics, assess their financial capabilities.. A quality bath is not always a high cost. With careful operation, any version of the product will serve you for many years.

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