10 of the strangest and completely unnecessary kitchen appliances

To make life as simple and comfortable as possible, hundreds of companies around the world conduct numerous studies, develop and produce new useful devices. Because of this, it is no longer necessary to always wash hands, worry about maintaining the right temperature in the house, and even fussing around the stove for several hours for the usual dinner.

But, not all inventions are necessary. Today in stores sold a lot of unnecessary and even strange things.

1. Electronic cookbook

What, besides your wallet, can facilitate this device, is still unclear. And yet its functional features are actively advertised to potential buyers. Book:

  • has Internet access (like TV, laptop, phone);
  • allows you to upload your own recipes (which have always been successfully stored in a regular notebook);
  • for some reason, it contains an internal album for photos and an application for playing music and video.

As a result, this purchase will be rather a stylish accessory., which only takes place, and does not justify the money spent on it.

2. Slicer

Such a miracle of technology is capable cut the whole sausage stick into neat slices in minutes. However, in everyday life it is unlikely that anyone will need to shred food in such a volume. Therefore, the slicer is more useful to the cooks of a large restaurant than to the hostess in the home kitchen.

3. Electric spaghetti fork

A device that looks more like a toy. Surely the developers were guided just by the opportunity to interest a child who does not want to eat. In any case, any adult can precisely screw the pasta on a regular fork.

4. Appliance for cleaning apples

A good example of how to greatly complicate simple things. Yes, such equipment really cuts off a thin layer of peel, but at the same time it:

  • takes place in the closet;
  • needs regular care and electrical power;
  • After use, it takes time to disassemble and wash all parts.

Agree a lot It's easier to take a regular knife and spend 1-2 minutes to peel an apple.

5. Tenderayzer

The analogue of the hammer for beating meat. Researchers claim that when using this device connective tissues are destroyed much more effectively. Because of this, the chops are more juicy and tasty.

It may be so, but it is nevertheless more convenient to control the usual hammer, and it costs less.

6. Hot Dog Toaster

Comparing it with a regular toaster, you can find only one difference: there are openings for buns and sausages. The rest of the device is no different from the usual to us. Meanwhile, the question of the need to keep such a hulk in the kitchen only for hot dogs, apparently, is not being considered.

7. Cooking

It would seem that we live in a world where there are already devices such ascow and cooker. They do an excellent job with preparing even the most difficult dishes, not to mention the usual porridge. Why in this case "reinvent the wheel" (more precisely, a special cook) is unknown. Nevertheless, it exists and is even actively sold.

8. Separator of protein and yolk

Designed specifically for cleanliness. The separator is a kind of pipette. After you have smashed the egg, the yolk is easily separated by this device. Make it a spoon, by the way, is also still possible.

9. Egg Cooker

Advertising this device claims that using it to cook eggs is easy. In fact, using an ordinary saucepan for this purpose, as our mothers and grandmothers did, is no more difficult. And time for the whole process takes about the same, and the place of the egg cooker takes even more.

10. Apparatus for making pasta

It is necessary for gourmets who are going to open their own production, or for people with a huge kitchen, with the same purse and free time.

And how often do you have a desire to prepare the dough for your own pasta instead of just throwing in the boiling water from the store?

This is not a complete list of what can make you open your mouth in surprise at the store counter. And the producers are clearly not going to stop! Who knows what might be waiting for us in the future?

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