6 important and informative facts about washing machines

Washing machine has long been one of the major household appliances. Most users simply put dirty laundry in it, put the powder to sleep and include one of the standard programs. Few people delve into the process of working machinery. Further in article we will consider some interesting data on washing machines.

Handwash powder not allowed

Manufacturers offer a wide variety of washing powders. Some people believe that the appearance of tools for an automatic machine is just a marketing ploy, and they use ordinary and familiar preparations for hand washing. Should know that The manual action has a large amount of foaming that can damage the device. Therefore, its use is highly undesirable.

Low weight of the laundry causes bearing wear

Bearing wear leads not only overload, but also a small amount of laundry. When overloaded Built-in mechanisms work at the limit of their capabilities, which leads to their rapid abrasion and wear.

Important! Underload things form into clumps, and during washing it is possible to unbalance the system.

Children's powders are not better

Many manufacturers produce a special line of children's powders. However, their structure is not much different from the usual ones, and their choice should also be taken seriously. Despite the emergence of new technologies, it is believed that for children's clothes, the most safe is children's soap and hand washing.

Important! When washing baby clothes with a powder, it is recommended to turn on the option of additional rinsing, and to dry things at through ventilation.

The higher the temperature, the more dangerous the wash.

Hard-to-remove stains are believed to wash better at high temperatures. but In most cases, this method is not justified, since it can destroy the structure of delicate fabrics.. Most modern machines have many installations in which powder supply, heating rate, and other functions are already set.

Lime Detergent Powder - Myth

Manufacturers claim that modern automatic powders contain special agents that prevent the occurrence of scale. But they do not give an absolute guarantee, and only partially affect the deposition of magnesium and calcium.

Reference! Accumulated salt deposits cannot be removed from scale.

Vinegar and citric acid spoil the car

To protect the machine from scale, they sell various products. Many people prefer folk recipes. It is believed that the machine is well protected by vinegar and citric acid. However, it is often undesirable to use them. With prolonged use of these substances seals wear out and corrosion of metal elements appears.

The above facts need to know to keep things clean, and the machine in good condition. With proper use and care, the device can last for many years.

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