The strangest and most original beds

No matter how much we resist, we spend a third of our lives in a dream, and in order for a dream to become comfortable and productive, you need to choose a good bed.And does she have to be a standard form? I collected the most unusual options that can surprise even inveterate skeptics.

Fiberglass breakthrough into the future

Modern materials allow you to create unique textures, not an exception - a fiberglass bed. The mattress grid is made of tubes, which when folded form a structure similar to a parallelepiped.

The bed adapts to any size of mattress. Telescopic tubes easily take the desired length.

Forest lovers

The author of this bed has created a miracle, making wood in wood! Its variant differs in the maximum study, each tree is executed so that we can see any leaf down to the smallest veins. The bed will be an excellent shelter for forest lovers, in it you can feel like an elf sleeping in a forest crown.

Only a few men can lift a forged part, therefore it is better to immediately determine the place and not get carried away with permutations.

"Letto Zip"

Designers of this Italian company have heard everyone who does not like to make the bed, and created a unique solution. The design is made of special material and looks like a giant wallet. In the morning it is enough to fasten the top layer on the clasp - that's all. The surface takes on such a look, as if no one slept on it.

"Personal cloud" for those who want to plunge into childhood

As children, we believe that the clouds are gigantic and very soft pillows. And who among us would not want to lie on huge pillows? Now everyone is invited to receive in his personal possession the original bed in the form of a cloud. Judging by the images found, they can even sway. It only remains unclear whether the balance is thought out, or the whole structure is capable of falling if the entire weight of the body is moved to one end of the mattress. Although the second picture seems to answer this question ...

Feel like a chick in the nest

It remains behind the scenes whether someone bought this strange unit home for personal use, but the bed looks very stylish. It is a giant nest and exhibited as an exhibit. Probably a good option for lovers of unusual things, living in a huge cottage outside the city. It would be interesting to put it next to the wrought bed ...

Floating magnetic bed

I can congratulate all lovers of good fiction: the future has come! We defeated gravity by using the main property of a magnet - pushing away opposite poles. The design is based on giant magnets placed in and under the bed body. For reliability, the case is tied with steel cables at the corners to fix in the horizontal plane.

Such a rookery is designed for a maximum of 90 kilograms! Weight 80 pounds practically does not deviate from the course.

Some people have concerns about the enhanced magnetic field, although no measurements have been published. There are such innovations in ordinary life very rarely, so for now it’s pointless to argue about the usefulness or harmfulness.

A great book to sleep on

Due to the significant population density in Japan, the art of saving space is developed. Designer Yusuke Suzuki proposed an interesting transformer project in the form of a bed-book. During the day, it folds up and retracts into a secluded place (children can use a folded bed to arrange the playground). At night, the pages of the book will be an excellent sleeping bag.

"Trix", or all ingenious - easy!

This is a soft cabinet furniture, which consists of three pillows, connected by straps of rubber. An excellent solution for small apartments, since the transformation possibilities allow you to turn "Trix" into a sleeping bag, couch or couch. In my opinion, the simplicity and ease of appeal can make this invention a favorite for the situation of studios.

Cardboard miracle

A unique creation of cardboard with a thickness of only 7 mm! Material can be purchased at any hardware store. When folded, the cardboard bed looks like an accordion and is stored in the corner. The base is made in the form of an accordion to increase strength. The bed quickly develops and is displayed, becoming modern replacement of a folding bed for guests.

Option for seismically active zones

Built-in sensors monitor the situation, with aftershocks, the protection system is activated, and the person lying in the bunker is placed under the cover, protecting it from falling debris and debris. There are various design options.

This is how the top 10 most creative beds came out! And buy or not, the decision is yours. In addition to modern fashion trends and the search for uniqueness, we all strive to sleep well, and this can be realized on your favorite old mattress and in a tent outside the city.

Watch the video: Most Unusual Beds That Actually Exist (February 2020).


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