In which state of the United States banned the import and use of microwave ovens, why

Disputes about whether the use of microwaves is harmful to health have not subsided since the moment when these household appliances began to conquer the hearts of consumers. Parties to opponents and defenders of microwave ovens cite a lot of scientific (and not so) arguments in favor of their point of view, referring to the results of various experiments.

It is interesting that all these surveys are not commented by official representatives of the Russian sanitary services and Rospotrebnadzor. There is no state ban on the sale and purchase of microwaves, and the decision on the purchase of such devices remains only for the consumer, who must, relying on independently extracted information, decide: Does he need such a furnace in the house and is it safe?

The ban on the microwave oven in Mississippi

However, not in all civilized countries, the adoption of such decisions is allowed to flow by itself. An example of this is the United States, namely the state of Mississippi, whose authorities heeded the arguments of the opponents of the microwaves and banned their use throughout the state.

In the United States, in addition to the country's main legislative document, the Constitution, each state has the right to issue its own laws governing the lives of its residents, if they do not go against the US Constitution. Using this right, the state of Mississippi has banned the import, sale and use of microwaves throughout its territory.

This happened as a result of the systematic calls of scientists at the University of Mississippi, talking about the undoubted harm to health as a result of the use of microwave ovens.

The principle of the microwave is the conversion of electromagnetic microwave fields into thermal energy. Due to this, the food is heated much faster than in the case of heating from contact with heated surfaces.

Following the findings of experts at the University of Mississippi, food processed in a microwave oven, acquires negative impulses, "dissonant with the universal vibrations." After exposure to a microwave, food is no longer the product that it was before warming up. It has damaged atomic and molecular bonds that negatively affect human health.

Also in proof of the theory about the dangers of microwaves local scientists cite an experience in which the inside of this device operating in the "grill" mode,a rat was placed and left for 2 hours, as a result of which she diedbut.

According to a fierce fighter against the ubiquitous use of microwaves, Joshua Robertson, a professor of physical studies, all attempts by a group of activist scientists to draw the attention of the country's authorities to this problem ended in silence or direct threats from corporations engaged in the production and sale of these household appliances.

And only the state of Mississippi heard the warning of experts about the dangers of microwave ovens and decided to ban them.

What happens if you disobey?

The state leadership is seriously concerned about the threats to life and health of people from the use of microwaves. In order to emphasize the seriousness of the situation, it imposed severe punishment for violators of the ban on the use of microwave ovens. They set real prison terms for unlawful use of appliances in everyday life (5 years imprisonment) and for their importation into state territory for sale (12 years).

There is not a single official document confirming the harmful effects of microwave radiation on processed foods. On the contrary, users' attention is drawn to the fact that such processing, carried out according to all the rules, allows preserving a maximum of vitamins and nutrients in products.

Due to the lack of information on this topic, it is impossible to say for sure whether the above reasons only influenced the state authorities to decide on the ban on microwave ovens or there was any other information.

If the ambiguous results of pseudoscientific (as in the case of the rat) experiments served as a basis for the ban, we can speak of the rather strange approach of the Mississippi authorities to adopt laws.

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