How to restore a deleted game on the tablet

Installing and uninstalling applications on most Android-powered devices is done with a few taps of the corresponding buttons. It is not surprising that often users of various devices with this OS encounter such a problem as accidental or deliberate removal of applications that may later be needed. This article will explain how to return a game or program deleted from a tablet or smartphone.

Why applications or games may disappear from the tablet

First you need to figure out why the games or applications are deleted from the tablet. There are several reasons for this:

  • accidental deletion of the game;
  • conscious removal of the application;
  • "rollback" of the device to the factory settings with removal of all information from its memory;
  • the effect of so-called viruses;
  • anti-virus software, which for one reason or another may consider this or that program harmful to the system and remove it if the user has given permission.

How to recover a deleted game: solutions to the problem

A similar problem of users has long been concerned with experts from Google. The fact is that all programs ever downloaded to a smartphone or tablet are stored in the data of a personal Google Play account.

Attention!If the program was downloaded from a third-party link, and not through an account, it will not be possible to restore it using the method described below.

In order to reinstall the remote game, you should:

  • launch Google Play;
  • call the menu in it, and then go to the "My Applications and Games" tab;
  • in the window that appears, click on the word "All";
  • select the necessary items from the list;
  • by clicking on the application name, go to its installation screen;
  • Download and install a remote game or software.

Attention! Applications in the account list are arranged in chronological order of installation, from the most recent (top) to the earliest (bottom).

If the search title cannot be found in the list, then it is worth checking which particular account it was downloaded from. This way of restoring an application can help if it has a link to a Google Play account. There are cases of removing programs from Google Play for all users, and in this case, only downloading from a third-party resource will help install the utility.

Can I recover deleted photos or gallery on the tablet

In order to recover photos or other files on any Android device, there are several ways. The first and easiest is to use cloud storage. In this case, the user synchronizes the device files with a special storage on the Internet, and even in case of loss of the tablet or smartphone, they can be easily restored.

You can restore files also with the help of special software. One of the most useful programs in this regard is the Recuva program. In order to recover lost photos, videos or audio files, you must:

  • install the utility on the PC;
  • connect the android device to the computer;
  • select through the program the type of files to be restored;
  • indicate the approximate storage location of deleted files;
  • select the function of in-depth analysis;
  • select the files to be restored from the list provided.

Attention! In addition to the above utility, there is a great variety of programs that can recover deleted files, and in most cases using two or three programs leads to a positive result. Examples of such software are the utilities Undelete, Dr. Fone or Recovery PRO. Most of these programs use different principles of file recovery, which explains the possibility of "triggering" one of the utilities with the "powerlessness" of the other.

If we are talking about data recovery from a tablet, then before continuing to restore files, you must enable the USB Debug mode on the device. This mode will help the work of recovery programs, but finding it becomes a real problem for many users.

This can be done using the so-called Developer Mode. It is activated in a special way. In order to enter the developer mode, you need to go to the address "Settings-About device-Build number". The last item needs to be pressed several times (usually around 7). When the required mode is activated, you need to return to the device settings and check the box next to "USB debugging".

It is worth noting that even the most powerful and modern utilities can recover not all files ever present on the device. Most of them when working displays a list of only those files that are not completely deleted and are still available for recovery. If the lost information was of particular importance, you can try to contact the specialists to restore it, but even here a 100% guarantee that the necessary files will be restored is usually not given.

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