How to remove a printer in Windows 10 completely

Many computer owners have a printer - using this device, you can print not only the most important documents, but also any excerpts from books, pictures, and anything that is more convenient to read on paper rather than from the screen. But sometimes the printer driver needs to be completely removed from the PC. The need for this arises for a variety of reasons, but the simplest is that you no longer use the device. How to do this? What exactly needs to be done to uninstall on the Windows operating system? You will learn about all this in this article.

Removing a printer through Options

The first way is to delete through the "Options". Let us consider in more detail the sequence of actions.

IMPORTANT! Please note - in order to get rid of the driver that has become unnecessary, you must log in through the Administrator account - that is, the first account created, which has the ability to remove any programs and drivers. Otherwise, you will need to enter the password for this account, therefore, if not only you use the computer, check this information.

“Options” is one of the most convenient applications, which has improved significantly in the updated Windows 10. How to use it to remove the printer?

The first step is to go to "Devices", where to find the "Printers and Scanners" tab. From the list that appears, you need to select the exact printer that you no longer plan to use and click "Delete device". This completes the whole procedure.

How to remove a printer in "Print Management"

There is another way to remove a printing device, which not every user knows about. Meanwhile, this operation is quite simple and does not require special skills or in-depth knowledge in the field of technology, as well as a large amount of time.

You will need to press a few keys on the keyboard (combinations of any buttons are called "hot keys", there can be many such combinations), and then enter a specific letter code. Consider the sequence of steps in more detail so that each computer owner can use this method to remove the printer driver.

The first step is to press a combination of two keys: Win + R. A special input field will appear on the screen, where you need to insert the text code: printmanagement.msc.

After that, you need to go to the "Print Servers", where the name of your PC will be written - note that if you did not install it yourself, then the name usually contains the name of the manufacturer and model of the computer. Now select "Printers." When you right-click, a context menu will appear next to which you need to select the "Delete" option.

Thus, removing the printer through "Print Management" is as simple as using other methods. But to study all the others is undoubtedly worth it to choose the most suitable and convenient for yourself.

Removing a printing device from the Printers folder

In Windows 10, a folder called "Printers" is hidden, but this does not mean that you cannot use it to remove an unnecessary driver. You can also open the necessary folder by entering a special code in the window, which is called by a combination of hot keys.

IMPORTANT! Please note that hot keys are very useful combinations with which you can perform a huge number of different operations. That is why you should search the Internet or in the manual for lists of all the most important combinations that may come in handy during further operation of the device.

As mentioned earlier, a combination of Win + R is required to open the input window. In the field that opens, paste the following code: shell: PrintersFolder.A special folder will open in which you will see a list of all ever connected printers and other devices similar in functionality. Select the unnecessary and click on the "Delete" button, which will appear in the context menu.

How to remove a printer through the "Control Panel"

Removing through the "Control Panel" is almost the easiest way. This is because the classic panel is familiar to every user, regardless of the version of the operating system and the level of "advanced" in the use of technology.

You need to go to the "Devices and Printers" section. In order to minimize the time spent on this operation, use the special input field, which will independently search for the section you need.

Then it remains to carry out simple steps already familiar to us - to call the context menu related to the printer to be deleted and select the "Delete" option.

Using Device Manager to remove a printer

In the "Device Manager", which can also be opened using the "hot" keys, you need to find the section "Print Queue". In the opened paragraphs, you will see all available printers whose drivers are present on the computer.

In this list, select the printer to be deleted and click the "Delete" button, which will appear in the context menu.

As you can see, in most cases the whole procedure comes down to opening the context menu and deleting the unnecessary file on the computer. This is a traditional way that works with a huge number of files.

IMPORTANT! Please note that unused drivers or a large number of unnecessary media load the computer's memory, because of which it may start to work incorrectly. That is why they should be disposed of in time.

Now you know how the printer that you stopped using is deleted from the computer. This can be done in several ways at once, which allows you to choose the most convenient and fastest for any, even the most insecure user of a personal computer. You can also inspect the PC storage for other unnecessary drivers and remove them in the same way, so that nothing would interfere with the quick and comfortable operation of the device.

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