MFP power consumption in kW

Power consumption in the consumer sense is calculated in kilowatts for a certain period of time. Thus, kilowatts per hour become the main unit of energy consumption for a multifunctional device.

Power consumption of MFPs of different models in kW

So, how many thousands of watts your MFP consumes in one hour - this is the value of the printer's power consumption. However, before starting the calculation, you must understand that the power consumption of your device depends on the state in which it is.

Most MFPs have On, Standby, and Hibernation. On mode - this is when your printer is actively printing, the “standby” state is when the MFP is waiting for printing, and the “sleep” mode is when the printer is tired of waiting for your print command and is almost off.

Obviously, the "on" mode is the most energy-intensive, and the "sleep" mode is the smallest. This rule applies to all MFP models. The power value for them can be different.

How to find out what power is in kW

The best way to find out how to calculate the power consumption of an MFP is with an example. For this, suppose you have an HP LaserJet 4250 printer.

This printer has a rated power of 5 A for 230 volt models, i.e. for Australian models. Now the same link shows that the printing power of the HP LaserJet 4250 is 675 watts, which corresponds to 0.675 kilowatts.

Whether you want to consume 1.15 kilowatts or 0.675 kilowatts - you decide.

This example is for illustrative purposes only and is not a certified multifunction device power rating for the HP LaserJet 4250.

The standby power of the HP LaserJet 4250 printer is 20 W or 0.02 kW, while the standby power is 18 W or 0.018 kW. The HP LaserJet 4250 has a speed of 45 pages per minute for letter-size sheets, which we take. And it is estimated that your monthly print volume is 100,000 pages. Here is the calculation.

The power consumption of your multifunction device is:

5 amp x 230 volts = 1150 watts = 1.15 kilowatts

Print Volume:

45 pages x 60 minutes = 2700

Your printer prints:

100,000 pages per month / 2700 per hour = ~ 37 hours.

There are several more situations to consider. First, the printer is in the process of waiting approximately 75% of the time when it does not print. Secondly, the MFP is in a dormant state for 25 percent of the time when it is not printing.

This means that your printer is in standby mode for:

720 hours (per month) - 37 hours of printing x 75% = 512.25 hours

It also means that your printer is sleeping for:

720 hours (per month) - 37 hours of printing x 25% = 170.75 hours

You are very close to the full and final energy consumption of the MFP. It is necessary to multiply the hours worked with the rated power for each mode.

Printing Power Consumption:

37 hours x 1.15 kW = 42.55 kW

512.25 hours x 0.02 kW = 10.24 kW

170.75 hours x 0.018 kW = 3.07 kW

Now you can simply add up these three values ​​to get the total power consumption of the printer at work or at home. In this case, the total cost is 55.86 kilowatts. If you want to take it one step further, you can multiply this total cost by any costs you pay in your area. This will give you the amount of money you pay in your electricity bills to get your printer working.

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