Choosing a Home Theater Receiver

The receiver is the main part of any stereo system. The AV device combines the work of a switch, amplifier and decoder. Using this equipment, you connect and control all the elements of the speaker system.

Home Theater Receiver: Selection Criteria

There are two main types of these devices - combined DVD or standard AV. Inexpensive home theaters are equipped with the latest devices. Combined models are usually installed in the construction of large cinemas. This equipment is a combination of an AV receiver and a DVD player. Features of these models:

  • ease of management;
  • ease of connection;
  • fewer outgoing wires.

In the receivers on the front there are control buttons, on the back there are the required ports for connection. Using the instructions, you can understand the purpose of any connector.

The most important thing to pay attention to the HDMI-contacts. They must support connections:

  • projector, television receiver;
  • DVD player
  • game console.

Reference! Almost all speakers are multi-channel. The sound quality will depend on this parameter. It is indicated by numbers, for example, 5: 1. The number 5 indicates the number of speakers, 1 - subwoofers.

The AV receivers are equipped with power amplifiers. The more amplifiers, the better the sound. The number of amplifiers is selected taking into account the size of the room, as well as the characteristics of the connected device. For a room measuring 25 square meters a 5: 1 system is enough with a power of one speaker of approximately 120 watts.

Best Home Theater Receivers

The source for choosing a high-quality multifunctional receiver will be the 2019 rating of these devices.

Denon AVR3100W

A seven-channel model that supports 2 subwoofers. Designed for professional and home use. It can play all existing audio formats. The power of one speaker is up to 130 watts.

Main advantages:

  • low cost;
  • full set of connections;
  • ease of settings.

Reference! According to consumer reviews, no shortcomings were identified.

Onkyo TX-NR 737

It has seven-channel surround sound, supports 2 subwoofers. It is characterized by high power.


  • two HDMI ports;
  • great wireless connectivity;
  • Supports Ultra HD.

Pioneer Elite-VSX80

It has seven-channel sound with support for 2 subwoofers. It is slightly inferior to other models in terms of power, but this practically does not affect the sound effect.


  • works with many mobile devices;
  • HDMI ports for 3D;
  • the presence of all audio decoders.

Yamaha RX-V 777 BT

The receiver supports 7 channels. According to its characteristics, the most technologically advanced device of the RX range.


  • the technology allows you to install all the speakers in one line;
  • 3D sound
  • supports bluetooth, wifi.

Which receiver to choose

Budget models of AV devices have a low cost and good sound quality, unlike plastic counterparts.

Mid-range AV devices have an ideal price-quality ratio, well-developed technical and functional equipment, more powerful amplifiers with the number of supported speakers.

The receivers of the Premium group have significant weight, and within this model range they differ in cost and functionality.

High End devices are piece goods that can sometimes compete with cars in value. But the exclusivity of equipment made as if on order justifies the cost of the system.

The cost of inexpensive AV equipment starts at $ 350, this is an excellent combination of price / quality. Top-class AV devices start at $ 2800. It is not recommended to buy "nameless" receivers. Also, it makes sense to contact the audio salon and first listen to the system.

Watch the video: How to Choose the Right AV Receiver. AVR Shopping (February 2020).


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