How to install macros on any mouse

A computer mouse is an integral part of personal computer equipment. Many also can not do without it, and while working with a laptop. It is actively used both in usual work in different programs, and in computer games. There are many models of mice, among the gaming devices and there are many buttons. Among gamers, the use of macros on the mouse is popular.

What is a macro

A macro in the computer field is a combination of operations performed by the system after pressing a single key. This is used for the convenience of handling a computer mouse - the number of necessary presses is reduced and, accordingly, the wear rate of the device. During an intense game, when every second is expensive, they help the player out - instead of complex combinations of clicks, he presses a single button and gets the result. True, not all macros are allowed - some player associations equate the use of macros with cheating.

Does your mouse support macros?

If the user plans to use a specialized mouse for games and install macros on it, then he should check it for the presence of the Oscar Editor utility. This software will allow the user to independently install and configure everything on his mouse, while all others use standard commands set by the developers without the possibility of editing. The presence of internal memory will also positively affect the attempt to customize the mouse. Of course, you can configure a mouse that does not support the Oscar Editor. But it is much harder at times, but why suffer the hardships and difficulties of complicated programming if you can buy a device that is intended for this purpose?

How to install a macro on any mouse

Now directly on the setting on the mouse. First of all, it will be about how to install on the mouse through the Oscar Editor. Necessary sequence of actions:

  • Install the editor along with connecting the mouse to a computer or laptop.
  • Make sure that the mouse is connected successfully, and all the drivers are installed on it - it should work.
  • Select the Oscar Editor shortcut, right-click, select "Properties" in the drop-down list.
  • A window will open where you must click the "File Location" button.
  • A new window will appear - the folder where the files necessary for the Oscar Editor are located. The user needs to open the ScripsMacros, Russian and MacroLibrary folders in sequence.
  • In this folder you need to put the data downloaded on the Internet - there are many collections, everyone can find macros online to their own taste.
  • After that, you need to run Oscar Editor.
  • In the main window of the program, select the required button, and click on the drop-down list icon for the item corresponding to the selected button.
  • Select "Download macro file" and click on the macro file that you want to bind to the specified key. Macro ready. Macro files can be called as you like for convenience.

Next will be discussed how to install on a specialized mouse, for example, X7 or Bloody. To do this, you must perform the following actions:

  • Install the necessary program from the manufacturer of computer mice or from unofficial sources. For example, for the X7 mouse, you need the Macros Effect Beta program. Some devices install the software themselves after the first connection to the computer along with the drivers.
  • It is necessary to perform the standard setup of the program using the automatic download of the necessary software. Usually it is done automatically, but sometimes it may require pressing the control key or replacing the activation. In any case, on the website with the program or in the instructions of the mouse, it should be written how to get started.
  • Included are several options. Additional points can be downloaded from the Internet.

How to make a macro on a mouse

Creating a macro yourself is much more difficult, but quite possible. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Download Macros Effect from any source.
  • Run the program, after unpacking the archive with it.
  • In the program window, select the mode - "Pressing" or "Pressing". The second is most often used, so it is recommended to select "Spin."
  • To create your own version, you need to click on the red button shown there in the program window.
  • A new window will appear in which all actions performed in the mouse will be recorded in a file, which can then be used in the installer.

Program Macros Effect, you can optionally customize for yourself. To enter the settings mode, click on the caption in the upper right corner of the screen. Now the user has the ability to set the tracking and execution keys, that is, you need to record information. These keys define the beginning and end of the "recording" of actions during the game or in any other place. It is not recommended to use system keys, for example, F8 or tilde, as recording "limits", as their original activity may cause an error. For those who want to feel like "programmers", you can open any macro file using notepad, copy the list of entries from there, paste them into the "Script" folder of the open program and swap positions and see what will be - there are many options.

How to set up macros on a regular mouse

This operation is performed for a normal mouse in the same way as for a game. The problem may occur due to lack of keys. But for those who do not require too many combinations of their mouse, this is enough.

Watch the video: Mouse Manager - Customizeable Macro Keys on any Mouse (January 2020).


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