How should the mirrors hang in the house so as not to harm

The mirror is an important household item, without which no home can do. However, the location of the mirrors should be approached wisely.

Since ancient times, mirrors have been given a mystical meaning. In Feng Shui, they contribute to:

  • the connection between reality and the subtle world;
  • conducting and managing qi energy flows.

In order for the energy in the house to circulate in the right direction, it is necessary to correctly place the mirrors. They can both improve the condition of a person and his life, and worsen.

Important: broken and cracked mirrors it is useless to try to arrange the houses so that they bring good luck - you need to get rid of them right away.

How to hang in order to protect yourself from negativity

To protect the negative, you need to arrange the mirrors so that they multiply good luck and do not give Chi energy to leave home. Based on this statement, the theory of Feng Shui suggests the following places:

  1. Hallway The presence of a mirror in this room is even considered a must. It contributes to the multiplication of incoming energy, as well as the most proper distribution of it throughout the house.

    Important: do not place a mirror in front of the front door.

  2. Restroom. It is necessary to hang a mirror from the outside of the bathroom so that it prevents the leakage of Qi energy into the sewer.
  3. Bathroom. For the same reason as with the toilet, it is recommended to hang a mirror on the bathroom door. For convenience and practicality, you can position it on the inside.
  4. Canteen. It can also serve as part of the kitchen where you dine. The mirror should reflect the set table, as a symbol of luxury and prosperity. In this case, the emphasis is on one important property of mirrors - the multiplication of what they reflect.
  5. Cozy, favorite places, as well as powerful talismans. Their reflection also symbolizes an increase in their influence in the house.

How a mirror can hurt

A mirror is not an ideal talisman for protecting and enhancing positive energy. Due to the fact that it is, in fact, just a conductor, a mirror can also attract negative into a house. To avoid this, you must first pay attention to places where it is highly recommended not to install mirrors. These include the following:

  • Bedroom. In this room, many even offer to completely abandon the presence of any mirrors. It is especially important that sleeping people are not reflected in them. Due to the fact that mirrors are considered a fine line between the real and the other worlds, it is likely to attract the adversities from another world, while being in the most wounded state - in a dream. That is why the dressing table began to be done with two wings so that the mirror could be closed at night;
  • Opposite doors and windows. Failure to comply with this rule will lead to the fact that all the Chi energy that will try to penetrate the house will immediately be reflected back;
  • Workplace. It can be either a desk or kitchen worktops, or any other place that family members are used to working for. It is important to pay attention so that the work surface itself is not reflected, since it is believed that in this case the volume of work will also multiply;

Reference: mirrors can be located on the workplaces themselves, it is only important to consider what is reflected in them.

  • Unfinished repairs and broken things. The emphasis is again on the doubling property of the mirror: the more problems the mirror reflects, the more they will arise;
  • Mirror corridor. Its creation is suitable only for fortune telling, since it is a powerful conductor of energy between worlds. However, in everyday life, a mirror corridor can lead to panic attacks, depression and other mental disorders.

When properly positioned, the mirrors not only drive away negative energy, but also increase the influence of positive. At the same time, do not forget about their cleanliness.

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