Vinyl floor tiles pros and cons

Vinyl tile is an original, modern floor covering, which has essential qualities and an acceptable price background. High-quality material used for any premises with a very high and normal temperature humidity. It has special and important characteristics. It is particularly popular in the arrangement and decoration of any premises that originally transform the general look.

It is produced by hot pressing method. The composition includes: quartz sand, various stabilizers and special plasticizers. Consider the pros and cons of this coverage.


  1. Versatility and practicality.
  2. Suitable for residential, office, assembly halls and any premises.
  3. It has an attractive appearance.
  4. Withstands heavy loads.
  5. Has a rich aspect in the choice of color.
  6. Fits well in any room interior.
  7. Originally able to combine different color tones.
  8. Creates direct and interesting diagonal patterns.
  9. It has a high percentage of water resistance.
  10. Significantly reduces the permeability of noise and sounds.
  11. Vinyl tiles are replaced individually without disturbing the installation of adjacent tiles. This is convenient with the necessary replacements that have occurred during any damage or breakdown.
  12. Has a long service life, more than 20 years.
  13. The material is environmentally friendly.
  14. Contains no chemicals.
  15. Carries out fast installation which is made without obstacles.
  16. It is odorless.


  • Unwanted direct sunlight. It burns out quickly, so it is suitable for corridors, bathrooms.
  • Does not withstand exceeding constant loads.
  • Significant dents appear under cabinets and heavy furniture that can be annoying.
  • For lovers of frequent furniture changes is not suitable.
  • The material is not natural.
  • It does not support the perfect indoor climate.

When leaving, this material does not require extra costs. It is wiped with a special, damp cloth. Withstands the slightest scratches and damage, these minor flaws are removed simply by simply wiping the floor. He does not recommend laying vinyl tiles if the weight of the furniture exceeds the permissible material standards. Therefore, try to lay in those rooms where there is a lighter furniture environment.

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