What is the difference between a headset and headphones

What do we use to listen to the songs of our favorite artists or communicate with friends on the phone: headphones or a headset? This answer leads many to a standstill, because most believe that there is no difference between these devices. Consider the main differences.

Headset Features

This is an accessory that provides connectivity while replacing the microphone and speakers of the smartphone.

Device Features:

  1. It provides sound reproduction and transmission through the integrated system.
  2. Using it, the subscriber does not put it on his ear when talking on the phone. This greatly facilitates communication during actions when it becomes uncomfortable to hold the gadget.

IMPORTANT. The headset can be connected, not only to the phone, but also to the tablet or PC. Typically, such a need arises in situations with potential risk, for example, when driving a car. Indeed, while driving, the driver must be fully concentrated, and one-handed operation can lead to an accident.

Key Features

The main purpose of this accessory is listening to music. Headphones have come a long way in evolution, during which the quality of sound transmission has developed and improved.

Today, products are unified. They are also suitable not only for smartphones, but also for computers.

ATTENTION. Each pin on the plug has its own purpose: the top is synchronized with the left channel, the middle with the right, and the one closest to the wire is the common transmission channel.

Also, headphones vary in price:

  1. Along with the increase in cost, the sound quality also increases.
  2. The number of functions is increasing - some of the accessories have a control panel that allows you to adjust the music volume, switch songs or pause them.

What is the difference between a headset and headphones

Playing music through headphones undoubtedly gives better sound quality. Nevertheless, the headset has a huge advantage - a conversational function, for which you can close your eyes to a bad sound.

Companies that produce tools for listening to music pay great attention to creating speakers, while headset manufacturers improve the sensitivity and reliability of microphones.

Communication accessories are equipped with a conveniently located switch system that allows you to receive or drop calls. Headphones do not have such details, however, they may have buttons for adjusting the volume.

So, we fix all of the above:

  1. The main difference between a headset and a microphone is that headphones can not boast of.
  2. The headset has several switches.
  3. There are different goals for creating accessories: headphones for listening to music, and a headset for transmitting and receiving sounds during a conversation.
  4. Products for music do not always have means for fastening, while for headset variants their presence is mandatory.
  5. Manufacturers focus on different elements: the first - on the sensitivity of the microphone, the second - on the quality of reproduction.

In any case, if you correlate all the functions of the devices for the purpose of purchase, it is easier to decide what is best to purchase: headphones or a headset.

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