What is aux in a column

In many audio devices, including a radio tape recorder, a music center, there is a line input or it is also called an AUX connector. It can also be seen in cars. True, not everyone understands why it is needed. Then, let's figure it out.

AUX (translates as "optional") - a connector in the column that allows you to output audio from a portable device to the speakers. This port can receive signals with different amplitudes, ranging from 0.5 to 1.8 V. The same signal can be supported by devices that reproduce sound:

  • radio
  • music centers
  • players
  • TVs.

It turns out, using the port you can join the TV, audio system. If necessary, you can output a signal to the headphones.

Aux in the car is the input that connects portable devices to the car radio.

Using a linear port, you can connect different media to a laptop, tablet, smartphone, player, iPad ... Using the port is easy. For example, if you want to listen to music from a smartphone, then you just need to connect the equipment to the aux input. The menu allows you to manage the connection, and for analog devices there is a switch.

REFERENCE! It is advisable, even before playing the track, to reduce the sound on the directly portable device.

With the Aux input, you can listen to your favorite tracks, audio books, radio, voice recorder recordings. Moreover, much louder!

Externally, the connecting plug or “jack” looks like a regular metal rod, which is inserted into a rubber or plastic base (similar to a headphone plug). The input is divided into mono and stereo. They differ only in the number of stripes. At the stereo input, 2 strips or 2 separate contacts are visible that transmit sound to the headphones.

AT To the car, the aux input seems to be a built-in round hole in the radio or next to the cigarette lighter. The hole is bordered by the edging of their metal. In expensive foreign cars, the aux entrance is closed by a lid.

For some, the problem of connecting a USB flash drive to a car radio without usb via aux remains, because many laptops on tablets have only usb output. To cope with this problem, you need a converter. They will use an MP3 player. A USB flash drive is connected to it, and the aux jack is the output.

Important! Don't get too carried away by finding music and connecting while driving.

Enjoy the listening!

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