Dry carpet cleaning

Undoubtedly, carpet flooring makes the living area much more comfortable, and walking on it is much more pleasant than on a cold floor. There is a large selection of carpets on the market, both natural and synthetic. However, all of them have the property of collecting dust and pollution and require periodic cleaning. Of course, you can hand over the coating to dry cleaning, but it is much cheaper to clean it yourself, using inexpensive means, so to speak, dry cleaning at home.

What tools to choose

Dry cleaning is very convenient and versatile. It is not always convenient to wash the carpet, and not all coatings tolerate wet cleaning.

REFERENCE. Dry cleaning is not suitable for heavy soiling.

In order to remove the existing pollution, you can use store-bought products. In the market of household chemicals there are a large number of them. They can be in the form of shampoo, gel, powder or spray. Some of them have additional characteristics. For example, they protect against dirt and have antibacterial properties.

They are very convenient to use, but not very suitable if there are people with allergies in the family, as well as small children. In this case, you can use home remedies. These include:

  • Baking soda.
  • Coarse salt.
  • Strong tea leaves.
  • Clear snow.
  • Sauerkraut.
  • 9% vinegar.

Folk remedies have several advantages:

  • They are safe. In this only expensive professional means can compete with them.
  • Price. Their cost often does not exceed 50 rubles.
  • Quality. For example, the excellent cleaning ability of soda is well known to any housewife, because it helps to cope even with severe pollution, while not harming the surface.

Most of them are always at hand, so all that remains is to choose a more convenient one and proceed to cleaning the carpet.

Dry carpet cleaning at home

Carpet cleaning with household products is as follows:

  • Soda. Approximately 100 grams of soda must be diluted in a small amount of water. Water should be warm, so soda dissolves much better. The solution is poured into a spray bottle and applied evenly to the surface to be cleaned. After drying completely, it is enough to vacuum the carpet or sweep thoroughly.
  • Salt. Salt is required quite a lot. It must be applied in a thick layer and left for a while. It absorbs dirt. Then she is swept away. All dirt and wool will also be removed along with dirt.
  • Welding. First you need to cook the tea leaves, then drain the liquid, and scatter the tea leaves on the carpet. After which the welding is removed. The option is effective only ate dirt stains fresh and not very strong.
  • Snow. Grandfather's method, existing for more than a dozen years. Ideal if the house has small children and allergies.
  • Cabbage. It requires sauerkraut, not pickled. It must be carefully wrung out from excess moisture and applied to the dirt, and then left to dry completely. When the cabbage dries, it is swept away with a broom. Together with it, specks with wool will be removed.
  • Vinegar. First, a solution is made: 2 tablespoons of vinegar must be mixed with 1 liter of water. Then, with the help of a sprayer, it is carefully applied to the carpet and brushed.

REFERENCE. The brushes that are used to clean any carpet should have a soft pile, otherwise the carpet will be damaged.

If cleaning is carried out using store-bought products, the instructions on the packaging must be followed.With proper and timely care for the flooring, you can achieve not only that it will be clean and pleasant to the touch, but also significantly extend its lifespan.

Watch the video: Dry Carpet Cleaning Demonstration (February 2020).


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