Is it possible to make a warm floor under the laminate

Among the materials used for finishing the floor, the laminate is deservedly popular. It has the appearance and texture of wood, but it is much cheaper, suitable for decoration of any room and conducts heat well enough. It is this characteristic that makes it ideal for installing a warm floor system.

Can I install warm under the laminate

The laminate contains formaldehyde. At temperatures above 26 degrees, it begins to actively stand out in the environment. This chemical is very dangerous for humans. If inhaled formaldehyde vapor may appear: headache, fatigue, inflammation of the upper respiratory tract and other symptoms. Therefore, the entire laminate has a marking indicating whether this chemical is included in its composition.

ATTENTION! The presence of E2 or E3 marking indicates that formaldehyde is present in the flooring.

Therefore, when choosing a product, you need to be interested in what labeling it has. The certificate should indicate that the coating is allowed for the installation of underfloor heating.

ATTENTION! If the product is marked E0 or E1, the system can be mounted.

Also, this flooring is very sensitive to humidity. In case of excessive or insufficient humidity, boards may become deformed. Therefore, manufacturers indicate on the products that they are suitable for the underfloor heating system, since in the production of the laminate all these points are taken into account.

IMPORTANT! If the humidity in the room is less than 50%, it is advisable to use air fresheners. Using them, you can significantly extend the life of the laminate and prevent its possible deformation.

It is worth considering the thickness of the product. It should be at least 8 mm. Boards less than thickness will be deformed during operation.

Thus, laying a warm floor system is allowed under a laminate having an appropriate safety class and manufactured taking into account elevated temperatures. As a rule, information that the coating is suitable for this purpose is indicated on the packaging with special markings.

Which underfloor heating is better suited for laminate flooring

There are three underfloor heating systems. It:

  1. Water. Quite an expensive option. It is especially expensive in the event of a malfunction. If a serious leak occurs, then not only the system will need to be replaced, but the entire floor covering will need to be replaced.
  2. Film or infrared. It is a film, with strips of material that conducts current, mounted in it. It is very economical, easy to install, maintains one temperature and is absolutely safe.
  3. Electric. It is the most popular option. However, it is not suitable for flooring with poor thermal conductivity, since the heating element is placed under the screed. That is, first the cable heats this screed, and only then the coating. Therefore, the heating of the laminate will have to wait a rather long time, which is quite energy-consuming.

The best option for mounting under the laminate is an infrared film.

REFERENCE! There are models of laminate with an already mounted heating system, however, only a few European companies produce them and their price is quite high.

What substrate is suitable for a laminate with a warm floor

Before installing a warm floor and subsequent laying of the floor covering, it is necessary to choose the right substrate.

The substrate is necessary to perform the following functions:

  1. Surface alignment. If the substrate is selected correctly, it can eliminate any unevenness on the floor. To ensure a quality installation and a long service life, it is very important that the floor surface is flat.
  2. Waterproofing. Laminate is made from pressed wood chips, which are impregnated with resin and coated with plastic. Meanwhile, it is quite difficult to guarantee the absence of even the slightest contact with water. Some moisture penetrates even through concrete. Gradually, contact with water leads to deformation of the floor covering. Therefore, it is imperative to provide good waterproofing.
  3. Soundproofing. The laminate itself does not provide good sound insulation. However, this function is performed by a good substrate.
  4. Environmental friendliness. Since phenols are present in the laminate, they can be released into the air when heated. A high-quality substrate promotes uniform heating of the entire coating area, which prevents the plastic from heating.

REFERENCE! Some types of flooring have built-in soundproof layers. However, not all of them are suitable for use with underfloor heating.

The most suitable options are:

  1. Isolon. The best option for installing an electric heated floor.
  2. Polyethylene foam. It features good waterproofing and perfectly levels bumps.
  3. Bung. Natural material with excellent heat retention properties. Ideal for a children's room, as it is not susceptible to fungus development and is absolutely environmentally friendly.
  4. Expanded polystyrene. Easy to install material that has excellent waterproofing properties. Good option for the bathroom.
  5. Perforated substrate. This type is made specifically for the underfloor heating system. Especially recommended when using the water version. Very wear resistant.

Before installing the system, do not forget that all materials used must have the appropriate marking for compatibility with the system.

Watch the video: Installing electric floor heating under laminate flooring (February 2020).


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