Light linoleum in the interior

When decorating any room, one of the first questions is the choice of flooring. Today, despite the vast assortment of various modern materials, linoleum does not give up its positions. Many people use this coating in rooms of any type and purpose and appreciate it for its practicality, beauty and ease of maintenance. Especially popular are the light shades of the finishing material, which look great in the interior of the apartment.

Features of using light linoleum with photos

The choice of linoleum color is an important point in the design of the room. Having made the wrong choice, you can completely spoil the overall impression of the design of the room. The coating should not only harmonize with the style of the room, but also emphasize all its advantages.

IMPORTANT! White color is quite universal, but rarely used by designers. Various shades of beige, milk or coffee look much nicer. You can also use linoleum with different prints and ornaments.

A good option for decoration will be light tones of linoleum. They help to visually expand the space and make the room more light, airy and cozy. The area of ​​the room will be increased visually, the borders are erased.

Among the main advantages and features of such a coating, its versatility and attractiveness are distinguished. The contrast of light linoleum and dark furnishings will create a noble and sophisticated atmosphere.

However, you should be aware of some of the disadvantages of such material:

  • the coating becomes yellowish if it is regularly exposed to sunlight;
  • when there is an excess of light in the room, the atmosphere will cease to be cozy and will become "sterile";
  • dust and traces of dirt are clearly visible on a light surface.

IMPORTANT! The main thing is to maintain harmony when using white and other light shades of linoleum. Do not allow the room to turn into a hospital ward.

Shades of light linoleum and the nuances of their application

The floor should be a decoration of the room, one of the main accents of design. Therefore, the choice of shade should be approached with all responsibility. Experts say that today the floor does not have to be snow-white or light gray. Various variations of light linoleum are welcome:

  1. Light blue. An unpopular, but very attractive and deep shade, which is effectively used by designers in the interiors of kitchens, baths, hallways, and sometimes living rooms. This option is perfect for sunny rooms with good natural light, it soothes and at the same time is cold, thereby balancing the situation.
  2. Violet shades. Light colors include lavender, transparent purple, pale lilac, versatile and exotic, looks great in the interiors of living rooms or bedrooms. This floor always looks original and fresh.
  3. Blue. Gives the room freshness and unique lightness, is able to visually increase the space of the room, it can be used in any type of room. This color reminds of the sea, soothes.
  4. Green. The infrequent "guest" in modern interiors, but if you need to create a fresh and colorful room, will be a great option. It goes well with furniture and other finishes in yellow and orange tones, makes the room original and attractive, rarely used as a plain canvas.
  5. Light gray. A universal coating that is used in different rooms, but it is worth being careful and not to overdo it, with an overabundance of gray shades, the room becomes boring and depressing.
  6. Orange. Usually muted shades are used. This option is suitable for the kitchen or children's room, it allows you to create a warm, cozy atmosphere. The main thing is to observe the measure and dilute it with calm colors in the interior.
  7. Beige. It is also a universal coating, suitable for any design style, looks good with an imitation of the texture of natural parquet.

IMPORTANT! In addition to color, it is worth paying attention to the coating itself. Glossy or matte linoleum is selected depending on personal preferences, as well as on the room in which the coating will be used.

Color Matching Rules

This is an important stage in the repair and decoration of any room. The problem is that when making standard mistakes, the design of the room will look cheap and unattractive. Therefore, experienced designers give recommendations on choosing the right linoleum shade:

  • the overall picture of the design - before buying linoleum, you definitely need to imagine the final version of the finish, for this you can independently think over and visualize the object or order a 3D model of the room from a specialist, this service is quite expensive, but the result of repairs and furniture will be perfect;
  • sophisticated shades and unusual texture - so that the flooring does not look cheap and does not spoil the overall style of the room, it is important to choose a product with an interesting texture, for example, imitating natural parquet or having an unusual ornament - the floor should become a real decoration of the interior;
  • personal preferences - the selected material must be liked by all family members, only in this way will the harmony of the hearth be achieved.

It is better not to make hasty decisions and go to several shops offering light-colored linoleum. First, select some options you like, and only then resort to sorting what you liked for the first time.

Should I use glossy linoleum

The main advantage of glossy linoleum is its excellent reflection of light, both natural and artificial. It is good to lay it in small areas to visually expand the space, complementing the interior with spotlights, sconces and floor lamps. In dark rooms, such a coating will also look organic.

The disadvantage of a glossy canvas is its impracticality. On such a surface, traces of shoes, stains, stains, dust and other pollution are clearly visible. It will often have to be cleaned using special chemicals.

In general, light linoleum in the interior of any room always looks very attractive and fresh. Visually expanding the space and effectively reflecting the light, it makes the room cozy and beautiful.

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