How much linoleum should lie down

Linoleum is a simple material for the floor. It does not require special care. Its styling is unpretentious, even untrained people cope. In small rooms (up to 20 sq. M.) It is not even glued, but fixed with the help of a plinth. But as in every business, there are certain nuances. They are elementary, but non-compliance in a short time will render the product unusable, its appearance will be lost.

How long does it take linoleum to lie down

The adaptation time depends on its characteristics: quality, how many layers are provided and the type of coating itself. You should not rush. It is necessary to give a couple of days to stand in a roll. He needs to "get used" to the level of humidity and temperature conditions of the room, where he has been lying for many years.

IMPORTANT! In the cold, the material becomes brittle, so it is carefully brought into the room and put in a corner without bending the corners. The coating at low temperatures loses its flexibility, and if disturbed, it will crack and even burst.

How long does linoleum need to lie down? After the roll has stood, you can begin the initial installation. To do this, take measurements, cut out the necessary piece with a margin of at least 10 cm on each side. Let him lie down for at least a day, sometimes the waiting time is two days, so you need to monitor changes in external characteristics. It is advisable to provide good ventilation so that all extraneous production odors disappear.

How long does linoleum crack on the floor?

How long should linoleum lie down? Quality material straightens out within 20 hours. If even on the third day the linoleum does not lie flat, then it means either the floor is not prepared correctly or the coating is of poor quality.

  1. Pruning is carried out only after the linoleum has recovered and straightened. Some species may shrink or expand over time, depending on the composition.
  2. Given the margin of error, builders trim strictly along the wall, and then check again after two or three days. It is important to control how he "behaves".
  3. If the area has increased, then it is necessary to cut off the excess, leaving a gap of 5 mm. If the material is compressed, then it is glued, since there will no longer be shrinkage by more than 1 cm.

How many days should linoleum lie in order to lie down? New technologies offer coatings that virtually shrink. During prolonged use, they do not try to go in waves and break out from under the baseboard. Time will directly depend on the quality and reliability of the materials used in the manufacture of the coating.

REFERENCE! Thick, solid products (for example, with soundproofing properties) will straighten more likely than thin brothers.

How to make material straighten faster

How much time does linoleum have to lie down? It is recommended to use the load, this helps speed up the process. At the edges, you can put boards or skirting. It’s better not to force things and let it flow in a natural way. A newbie’s common mistake: improper acceleration of heavy objects with sharp corners scratches the top layer.

After laying the cover, you should wait another two days and then take up the skirting boards and furniture.

How long should linoleum lie on the floor? Do not rush, repairs require thoughtfulness and responsibility at each stage of work, so as not to regret annoying omissions in the future.

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