Design bedroom in a classic style

The classic bedroom is very popular. There are no unnecessary details in the design, and the atmosphere has a good rest. Classic has its own interior features. It is necessary to choose the right furniture, accessories, lighting and other details.

The classic bedroom has a combination of sophisticated decoration and regular shapes. The decoration is tasteful and creates an aura of luxury. The classics do not depend on fashion trends and will always be relevant - in 2018, in the design of classic bedrooms, natural materials and luxurious decor are still in demand.

REFERENCE!Classic design appeared in antiquity. In Russia, the traditional interior became popular in the XVIII century.

Distinctive features of the classic interior:

  1. Much attention is paid to the classic style bedside. The massive headboard is often decorated with stucco, gilding and other decorative elements. It is important to observe symmetry. Therefore, on two sides of the bed there are cabinets with the same lamps.
  2. Furniture and decoration are selected only from natural wood. The material is environmentally friendly, easy to care for. Combined with marble and metal, precious wood creates a sense of luxury and chic.
  3. Antiques, expensive paintings, candlesticks emphasize the sophistication of the interior. It is necessary that all the details of the design were made in the same style. The same picture frames will look strict and elegant.
  4. The bed is a central element in the room. Often I decorate it with a canopy. The rest of the furniture is symmetrical. Allowed to use in the design of a fireplace, dressing table and armchairs.
  5. The room is usually decorated in soothing colors. Use shades of gray, beige, peach and other colors. Often present vintage wallpaper and decoration. Textiles are made of expensive and high-quality fabrics.
  6. A large number of stucco in the design of the room. Ceiling beams, cornices, mirrors and chandeliers are decorated. Elements made of quality materials give lightness and luxury to the interior.

To design a room in a classic style, it is important to choose furniture from expensive and natural materials. Valued antique products, as well as custom-made. The head of the bed can be decorated with a coating of precious metals. The legs are often replaced by forged elements. For a classic interior, it is important that all furniture is reliable.

IMPORTANT! The use of elements from different headsets is unacceptable. Every detail should look harmonious and complement the overall design concept.

In the bedroom you can also place a chest of drawers, ottomans, a large mirror. It is better to give preference to finishing in leather, wood or velvet. If you plan to install chairs, then you need to give preference to furniture with a soft seat and back. A closet for storing clothes must be chosen with swing doors. Open shelves can be decorated with various decor items.

When decorating in a classic style, it is important to pay attention to the design of the ceiling, floor and walls. All surfaces should be with a smooth texture. Precious use of spraying from precious metals. You need to choose high-quality materials with a long service life.

Popular solutions:

  1. For walls, you can use plaster, expensive wallpaper and paint. A popular solution is the design of bedrooms with a cloth. Mirrors will help to increase space. Horizontal lines in the form of stucco molding and additional decor will add elegance to the room. Perhaps the use of columns and arched structures. It all depends on the size of the room.
  2. The floor in the room can be decorated with wooden boards or natural parquet. Laminated structures are allowed. It is better to choose light shades. If the floors are dark in color, then it is necessary that the furniture fittings harmonize. For comfort in the bedroom, pre-installed floor heating.
  3. The ceiling in standard rooms is low. To expand the space, choose white color. It is enough to paint the surface and create accents using stucco. Thus, a chandelier or curtain rod can be distinguished. False ceilings are usually used only in high rooms.

When choosing a color, you must adhere to the main rule. There should be no contrast in the classic interior. All colors should combine and blend seamlessly into one another. You can choose pastel, peach and white combinations. The bedroom is primarily a place to relax, so bright and flashy shades will look inappropriate.

The main principle of lighting in a classic bedroom is ambient light. A central chandelier should be placed on the ceiling. It is possible to use several light sources. On nightstands, nightlights are usually installed. In soft lighting it is comfortable to read before bedtime. Mirrors and niches on the wall can be highlighted separately. Built-in ceiling lights are practically not used.

Determining with devices for lighting, it is necessary to choose natural materials. Lampshades can be made of fabric or crystal. The base uses bronze, silver, tin. It is required to create a feeling of coziness and a comfortable place to relax.

Mostly in classical design, it is customary to adhere to minimalism. In an elegant design, a sense of lightness is important.

ATTENTION! Elements should not overload the interior. Lack of free space will not allow you to fully relax.

Application of accessories:

  1. On the chest of drawers, you can install decorative candlesticks or photo frames.
  2. Floor vases with flowers and compact sculptures will add grace.
  3. The walls are decorated with paintings with a light landscape or large panels of fabric.
  4. The mirror is framed with stucco or a beautiful frame with a gilded coating.
  5. Accessories from textiles should complement the interior and look harmonious.

Light curtains will help create coziness in a traditional interior. Multiple layers are acceptable. Draperies should be made of dense material, because for a good sleep you need to block the access of light to the maximum. When choosing fabrics of other textiles, it is important to pay attention to color and design. You should limit the presence of bright patterns and give preference to calm tones.

Helpful hints:

  1. Silk and velvet products will look best in the interior.
  2. Bed linen, bedspreads can be decorated with satin ribbons.
  3. Pillows and additional decor can be decorated with natural brocade.
  4. Of the patterns, it is better to choose classic lace and floral ornament.
  5. Textiles should be combined with decoration in the room, as well as furniture.

If you follow the basic tips, creating a classic bedroom design is very simple. Additional accessories will add luxury and complement the overall concept. It is required that all the details be combined with each other, and the interior should be cozy and beautiful.

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