How to choose a safe for weapons

When buying even a regular hunting rifle, you must remember that it must be stored in accordance with the approved rules. The procedure for storing firearms in Russia is regulated by the relevant Ministry of Internal Affairs order number 288. The order states that firearms must be stored in a safe in a discharged state. The parameters to which it must correspond are also discussed.

Features of choosing a safe for weapons

How to choose a safe for weapons? Among them, its elements such as:

  • wall and door thickness;
  • lock mechanism;
  • internal volume;
  • interior.

(IMPORTANT) In order to ensure reliable storage of weapons, the thickness of the steel walls of the safe should not be less than three millimeters, and the thickness of the door not less than five millimeters. It is better to choose a code lock, but mechanical one is also possible.

Each of these options has its own advantages and disadvantages. An electronic lock does not need a key that can be lost or children will just find it and will not miss the opportunity to indulge in weapons. But it needs batteries, and they need to be changed regularly. The mechanical lock opens and closes with a key and does not need batteries.

How to choose a safe for smoothbore weapons

What kind of safe is needed for smoothbore weapons? Usually in the arsenal of a hunter there are several guns, their number increases over the years, even entire collections accumulate. Therefore, choosing a fireproof cabinet for your so far the only shotgun, it is necessary to take into account the fact that over time there will be more of them, and the storage must be taken, as they say, for growth.

A safe is such a place where you can store not only weapons, but also much more, for example, money, jewelry or documents, so its interior should be selected taking into account such opportunities. Therefore, it should be divided into several areas, such as:

  • tool tray for storing guns;
  • tracer - a place where ammunition is stored;
  • comb (under the ramrod);
  • frame for knives;
  • several removable shelves.

In this case, he will satisfy the highest requirements of the most demanding checks and will be convenient for the owner himself.

(IMPORTANT) The installation location of the safe is critical. If conditions allow, it should be installed in a small room, where access to it will be possible only from the side of the door. In case any attacker wants to hack it, the room in which the safe is located should be small. This is necessary in order to create an attacker as much as possible inconvenience in the implementation of his criminal intentions.

If the installation of the arsenal is expected in a country house, it can be placed in the basement, away from prying eyes. As a rule, weapon safes are not very stable, so they need to be bolted to the floor or wall.

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