Design of a bedroom with mirrors

The mirrors in the bedroom are still a controversial moment: for some people this is vital, while others believe in superstitions, according to which you can not sleep in front of the mirror. But in the modern world, convenience plays a more important role than belief. However, you can combine convenience and folk traditions. How?

All the pros and cons of the mirrors in the bedroom


  1. You can put yourself in order immediately after waking up.
  2. Those who like to apply various creams on their faces before going to bed and do other cosmetic procedures will not have to leave the room for this.
  3. Mirrors visually enlarge the room, which is especially true for small apartments.
  4. Since in most modern apartments, the bedroom plays not only the role of a sleeping room, but also is a dressing room, because a closet with clothes is usually located here. The mirror here will help to create your image right away: to evaluate the combination of makeup and hairstyles with clothes, if necessary, change clothes and fix something.


  1. If the mirror is standing next to the bed, then there may be problems with falling asleep, as a person can see his moving reflection and subconsciously perceive it as a “stranger,” which has a somewhat negative effect on the psyche (perhaps because of this factor superstition also appeared).
  2. Those people who believe in signs can constantly worry about finding a mirror in the bedroom, so they better not put it in this room.
  3. Psychologists also argue that the constant uncontrolled flickering of glare that provokes mirror surfaces is unacceptable in the bedroom - a place of relaxation and peace - due to constant tension. This can cause the development of phobias. Therefore, it is better to place the lamps next to the mirror, and not opposite it.
  4. Due to the improperly located huge mirror, it may seem to a person that he is not alone in the room, and this does not contribute to relaxation.

The location of the mirror in the bedroom

The arrangement of mirrors in a room depends on its size, the arrangement of furniture and the requirements of the people living in it. Since the main drawback of the mirror in the bedroom is that it can interfere with peace and good sleep, it is undesirable to put it so that it reflects the bed. If it is impossible to avoid this, then you can hang decorative curtains on the sides with which you can close the reflection at night.

Traditionally, the mirrors in the bedroom are either at the dressing table or on the cabinet door (it happens that both there and there). To visually increase the space, the mirror should be positioned so that the largest area and preferably its most beautiful part fall into reflection. This means that a reflecting hanger with clothes or other similar household items is an unfortunate option, but a wall or window decorated with paintings and photographs, whose window sill is lined with indoor plants, will make the bedroom more comfortable.
In the design of the bedroom, it is better to avoid rectangular frames, it is better to use soft smooth lines.


At first glance, large mirrors in the bedroom are not needed - a fairly standard size inherent in dressing tables. But many get cabinets, where one door is already equipped with a mirror from the floor to the ceiling. This scale is an unsuccessful decision for the bedroom, it is better to leave it for the hallway.

In the bedroom, the best option is a small and medium-sized mirror. But if a person puts himself in order in this room, then larger versions with mirrors are acceptable. In this case, floor models are well suited for the bedroom, which will not only fulfill their purpose, but will also be an element of the design of the room.

Design and layout guidelines

Mirrors should look harmonious in the interior. Depending on the general style of the room, you should choose a mirror in it. But it should be remembered that heavy carved frames visually reduce space, so they rarely look good in ordinary apartments. In order for the mirror to act as a “magnifier”, you should pay attention to neutral frames that are not decorated with carvings or patterns. Best for this purpose are metallic options or those that match the color of the background on which the mirror is located.
When placing the mirror should pay attention to light sources. Both visual perception and the convenience of putting oneself in order depend on this. Many people know the trick of clothing stores, where the lighting at the entrance mirrors is designed so that a person sees themselves in worse shape than they actually are, and in dressing rooms the situation is the opposite - it seems that in any clothes the potential buyer looks great.
With this in mind, you should make sure that the reflection in the home mirror is not distorted. To achieve this, light from the window must either sufficiently fall on the mirror. For the dark, you need to make artificial lighting. It is best to use two fluorescent lamps on both sides. You can purchase special lamps that can change color if necessary - with the help of this, you can create a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom.
Thus, the mirror in the bedroom, despite prejudice, is a popular and necessary element. It performs several useful functions, and is also an important element of the interior from a decorative point of view. To choose the best option, you should take into account general tips and personal requirements, making the room the most comfortable.

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