How to choose an artificial Christmas tree

Buy a live or artificial Christmas tree? For many, this is a really difficult question. One side? I want the house to smell of needles on the other - this is a costly undertaking, and cleaning up after needles in the house is not the most fascinating pastime. Deciding to buy an artificial Christmas tree, you need to figure out which one to choose, because modern manufacturers offer a very diverse assortment of such goods. It is very easy to get confused, therefore, we will consider how to choose an artificial Christmas tree for the house.

Varieties of artificial Christmas trees

In the manufacture of the first artificial Christmas trees, goose feathers or animal hair were used, which were painted in green.Modern models have changed significantly and really high-quality ones practically do not differ from live Christmas trees. Various materials are used in the production. Some of them are cheaper, respectively, and the products are of lower quality, while others, on the contrary, are simply chic. Consider the available varieties of artificial wood:

  1. Cast constructions. Their appearance is very close to the appearance of a real tree. In production, special molds are used for pouring under each twig. This technology belongs to the category of expensive and is used mainly in German production. Such a spruce can become a full replacement for a green tree.
  2. Fiber optic designs. They have an impressive appearance, since LED tape is used in the production, it is built into branches and snow spraying can be applied as an additional decoration. You do not have to decorate this tree, because it is already fully decorated. To make it play with bright colors, you need a network connection. Of the advantages, it is worth noting the low energy consumption, fire safety and a service life of up to 10 years.
  3. PVC film product. Very similar to the real one, and the needles are soft to the touch. Its cost is quite affordable, and with proper care and storage, it will serve you for many years.
  4. Designs from fishing line. This technology is already considered obsolete, but it can still be found in cheap Chinese versions. Production material - thick fishing line. Such products do not look particularly attractive, their unnaturalness is determined by the naked eye. Of the advantages, it is worth noting the low cost and long service life, with proper care and storage.

IMPORTANT. When choosing an artificial Christmas tree, its quality is very important. If low-quality materials were used in the production, this may affect your health. Try to avoid too cheap product options.

Now you know what artificial Christmas trees can be made of and after analyzing the features of each of the options you can choose the most optimal option for you.

Criterias of choice

There are several selection criteria, and only considering each of them can a really good purchase be made.

Splendor of the crown

When choosing a suitable Christmas tree model, you should first of all pay attention to such an indicator as splendor and quality of the crown. After all, it will depend on how much the product is beautiful. In many cheap options, the crown looks rather sparse, it has many gaps, this option does not suit many. If you want an artificial Christmas tree to become a decoration of your home, approach the process of its selection carefully.

Also worthdraw inattention and the strength of the needles. For selection, it is recommended that you hold your hand along the branches against the growth of needles, soft needles should return to their original position. If these are rigid needles, they should be pulled, they should not get enough sleep.

The size

This option requires due attention. It is clear that many people like the huge and magnificent Christmas trees that are shown in American films. They are a real decoration of the holiday. But you are still not in the film and you need to rationally approach your choice.

Think of the following:

  • The tree should go along the height of the room in which it will stand. It will be ugly if the tip rests against the ceiling.
  • The splendor of the crown. Think about how convenient it will be for you, if the Christmas tree stays in the room for about two weeks, it should not clutter the passage and approach to some necessary cabinets.
  • Convenience of storage. Do not forget that after the holidays, your purchase will need to be carefully stored somewhere for a whole year until the next holiday. Too large a product is inconvenient to store.

Workmanship and quality

The material of manufacture should not harm your well-being or health, this is very important. You can find out about the safety of materials in the relevant documents, it can also be indicated on the box with the product.

Depending on the material from which the structure is made, external, qualitative parameters will also change. Therefore, before choosing a specific model, ask what it is made of.


We are all used to the fact that the tree should have green needles, but this is not always the case with artificial models. Manufacturers offer options for Christmas trees with needles, which are radically different in color. These are green, white, yellow, red and others. Everyone has the opportunity to choose the color of the product in accordance with their tastes and preferences.

Such unusual Christmas trees are suitable for those who prefer to choose unusual, extravagant options. It is worth noting that you do not even have to think about decorating a tree, because an unusual color, decorated with sparkles, will do everything for you. You also have the opportunity to purchase an option with already built-in garlands - this is very attractive and interesting.

Frame rack

This is also a very important selection criterion. The stand can be made of different materials:

  • Metal.
  • Plastic.
  • Tree.

If you plan to install a tree with a height of more than 150 cm, then it is better to give preference to cross-shaped structures that are stable.

NOTE. Metal products are considered more reliable and practical. A plastic product can break quickly.

Fire safety

A high-quality model of the Christmas tree should be made of fire-resistant materials and this is very important. Manufacturers also use the processing method with special anti-flammable substances that can prevent or reduce the likelihood of fire. Since garlands are used in every house during the New Year holidays, sparklers are set on fire - it is very important that there are as few flammable parts as possible in the area.

IMPORTANT. Information on this parameter should be indicated on the product packaging.

Benefits of buying

Among the advantages of acquiring an artificial Christmas tree are the following:

  1. Hypoallergenicity. If there are people in the house who are allergic, artificial spruce is the only option for decorating the house for the New Year.
  2. Convenient operation. Such a tree does not turn yellow and does not crumble, there is no need to clean the needles under it every day, and also you will not have problems with disposal at the end of the holidays.
  3. Easy to install and disassemble. This is a significant advantage. You can assemble a tree when you want and stand it can be exactly as much as you want.
  4. Aesthetic appearance. A quality tree may well replace a living analogue, and sometimes it may even look more attractive.
  5. Sustainability. Such designs are characterized by good stability, which can not be said about live spruce, which has to be further strengthened.
  6. Simple care. Before installing the Christmas tree, it will just be necessary to wipe it from dust.
  7. Availability. You can make a purchase at any time convenient for you; they are always on sale.

As you can see, there are undeniable advantages to make a choice in favor of an artificial Christmas tree. It’s quite clear that live spruce has a different smell, but you always have the opportunity to use special flavors or buy a live Christmas tree some time, putting off the artificial one for the next year. It will be even more interesting to install two needles at once, but in different rooms. Give yourself a holiday turning your home into a winter forest.

When is the best time to make a purchase?

In many Christmas tree bazaars familiar to many, it is not always possible to obtain such a tree, although sometimes it is quite realistic. They are sold in numerous stores and which is very convenient, at any time of the year you can pick up an artificial beauty for yourself.

It is often beneficial to make a purchase not before the holidays, but after them. It is during this period that the manufacturer offers a large number of promotional offers, which will allow you to save significantly. You can also monitor the value of the goods during the year, because its price in the off-season can also decrease. Before the holidays, the cost may increase.

A huge assortment of goods is usually presented in shopping centers and stores on the eve of the holiday. If you decide to make a purchase in an online store, be extremely careful to make the right choice so that you do not receive low-quality goods.

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