Bedroom design with wenge color furniture

Wenge is a valuable African wood made from legume trees. The core of the trunk is much lighter than the array itself. This is what designers used to decorate the decor of the bedrooms. After all, a natural tree of tropical species will give rigor and sophistication to any home.

The advantage of the color of the wenge-style bedroom is that it does not strain our central nervous system. Calm tones soothe the eyes, contribute to a sound and healthy sleep, full recovery after a hard working day.

Wenge furniture in the bedroom

Wenge wood furnishings are considered exclusive. Naturally, the price of it corresponds to the quality.

But in our time, manufacturers are trying to make sure that all the delights are accessible not only to aristocrats, but also to ordinary people who have a good taste in interior design. therefore Now the market is saturated with furniture, which is a high-quality imitation of wenge at a price that is optimal for a wide range of consumers.

Perfectly fits into the design of the bedroom furniture made of wenge wood or other objects painted in this noble color. But it is worth paying attention to the fact that she is completely not compatible with any other tree. So that all bedroom sets and associated furniture will have to be ordered at the same time from one supplier: bed, bedside tables, wardrobe, table, chest of drawers.

Textiles in the wenge bedroom

Professionals advise using wenge wood only in modern style interiors. The dark array looks advantageous on a light background, therefore the interior should be based on contrast.

IMPORTANT! An unsuccessful option would be the one in which the room is all in dark colors. A prolonged stay in such a bedroom causes depression.

  • In order not to visually darken the room, curtains should be milky or white. It is better to give preference to natural fabrics: linen or bleached canvas.
  • Bedspreads and bed linens should also be made in a common light color scheme. And the best thing is that they are in the same tone with the curtains.
  • A variant with a bright bedspread or pillows is also possible, this will give the space a fresh touch.
  • Feel free to mix dark wood with orange, yellow, red or green. Stay away from dark gray and brown tones such as anthracite, chocolate brown. They can bring gloom into the room, which is in no way acceptable for a bedroom.

Decor of a wenge bedroom

Due to the fact that natural wood or its imitation of wenge color looks very aristocratic, the room acquires a special charm. And in order for the style of the bedroom to look complete, it is worth choosing the appropriate decor.


The color of the walls must be in harmony with the main interior. Succinctly fit Wallpaper in light beige colors.

If the flooring is also in the general style, then complete the room with a large white carpet.

An ideal choice would be to imitate the skin of a polar bear. But also quite suitable white or beige long-haired carpets made of natural wool.


On the windows it will be very appropriate to look the tone of the furniture.

African wood trifles in the interior of the bedroom will not be redundant. Let it be floor lamp racks, table lamp stands or photo frames.

If you are not afraid to experiment and are ready to add a touch of rebellion to the classic interior, you can add a few red, turquoise, blue details.

Tip. Bright color should not be very much, because in large quantities it excites the nervous system and can affect the functioning of the brain.

It is quite difficult for a person without experience to understand all the intricacies of decorating a bedroom. Therefore, if repairs in the house are done without the involvement of a professional designer, the best solution would be to simply copy the finished version with a photo.

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