DIY bag chair

The modern layman has enough free time that he would like to spend profitably, but at the same time doing a pleasant process. For this, the creation of various objects with your own hands is best suited. There are many different directions of such occupations: knitting, embroidery, sewing. But today we want to talk about creating furniture ourselves. Namely, the process of manufacturing a frameless chair.

Chair Bag - Embodiments

This wonderful furniture is easy to execute. It is great for any type of room: bedroom, nursery or living room. Its soft form allows a person to relax and rest in his arms after a hard day's work. However, it may vary in appearance:

  • bucket;
  • pear-shaped;
  • round.

It can also vary in size (large, medium and small) and color. Coloring is at the discretion and preference. It can be monophonic, two-color or colorful, the main rule: compliance with the rest of the color scheme of the room and the combination of colors among themselves.

The principle of creating a chair bag

Even a novice master can make this item. The main thing is to follow a sound procedure:

  • Selection and acquisition of matter and tools.
  • Model selection.
  • The construction of the pattern.
  • Cut fabric.
  • Making the inside.
  • Filling the cover with filler.
  • Tailoring the outside of the chair.
  • Putting a cover on furniture.

Reference! Using various options for the upper part, you can achieve a different style in the design of furniture.

What material to choose for a chair shell

The choice of fabric for the base and for the cover is one of the most important stages in creating this thing. The quality of the future item and its service life will depend on this.

For the base it is best to use elastic synthetic fabric, but also dense cotton or raincoat will do. The outer cover must be made of abrasion resistant material. You can use fabric intended for furniture upholstery or dermantine.

Consider when choosing that the external cover will have to be washed or cleaned periodically. Therefore, choose a fabric that is easy to care for.

What material to choose for the filler

The next step is the choice of filler to fill the base of the chair. In its quality, you can use both traditional materials and unusual analogues:

  • The traditional filler for this option is polystyrene foam. It can be bought at a hardware store. It looks like small foam balls.
  • Hay. When using this natural material, you need to carefully monitor the absence of thorns and rigid stems in it. Another minus is its fragility (from 6 months to 1 year).
  • A small cereal. In particular, millet is particularly suitable.
  • Fluff, feathers or wool.

Attention! Natural fillers are often not harmful to health (the exception is an individual allergic reaction), but require periodic replacement.

What tools will be needed to make

Starting to manufacture this item should be stocked with everything necessary for the job:

  • a sufficient amount of fabric for the base and outer cover;
  • threads
  • scissors;
  • paper for a pattern;
  • filler;
  • household sewing machine;
  • fasteners: zippers, Velcro, buttons or buttons;
  • decorative elements.

You will need the last item if you want to decorate an unusual chair.

DIY pear chair: the easiest option

The simplest manufacturing option for this item will be to create it in the form of a rectangular large pillow. For execution, you need to connect two rectangular pieces of matter from three sides. And in the fourth edge, insert a zipper. To fill in a filler and in a similar way to execute a cover.

Having embodied a little thing in sufficient size, you can even lie on it. Also, such an item can be beautifully decorated with ribbons or pompons.

How to calculate the size of the chair

The size of the manufactured item will depend on the person for whom it is intended. There are three standard values:

  • The child seat has the following parameters: height - 85 cm, width - 70 cm.
  • Average: height - 110 cm, width - 85 cm. This species is a female version.
  • Large: height - 135 cm, width - 100 cm.

Create a pattern

The pear-shaped form of a chair is most often used in everyday life. To create a pattern, you can build the drawing yourself or make your own adjustments to the basic drawing:

Basic patterns. The picture shows several patterns for sewing this product. Which one to use, you must decide for yourself.

Transfer the selected drawing to graph paper and cut out the details with scissors. As a paper for the pattern, you can also use old newspapers or the remains of wallpaper. The last option will allow you to get a reusable pattern.

Do it yourself step by step

The sewing workflow can be divided into the following steps:

  • Fold the fabric and cut the details on the prepared pattern.

Important! Cutting is done on the wrong side of the matter. Do not forget to add one and a half centimeters on each side for seam allowances.

  • Sweep side seams. For this action, you can use light quilting with contrasting thread or chipping fabric using safety pins. Then execute them using a sewing machine.
  • Iron the seams.
  • In the same way, make edge seams of both parts.
  • Fill the inside with filler and sew up.
  • To fasten a fastener in an aperture of an external cover.
  • Put on the inside of the cover.

How to make a do-it-yourself football bag bag chair

The difference between this model is that as a result, a round thing with a two-color color is obtained. For the embodiment you will need a fabric of two contrasting colors. A certain pattern will also be required.

Pattern for a product in the form of a soccer ball

Most often, this product can be found in the home of young people or fans of this game. But such a product will also serve as a decoration. For sewing, use the following pattern.

We make individual elements

To sew products you need to carve:

  • twenty hexagonal light details;
  • twelve pentagonal dark elements;
  • a pair of fasteners.

Connect the elements

Connecting the parts into a single fabric, follow the specified arrangement of parts: one pentagon has three pentagons, which are sewn through the face.

Elements are ground together with a hand seam or using a sewing machine. But for this it is necessary to first sweep away the parts or connect them using safety pins.

When connecting, back away from the edge by 1.5 CM.

Reference! Performing this model, be careful and clearly monitor the correct connection of parts.

Chair filling. To give volume it is better to use artificial filler. For this, polystyrene foam or crushed polystyrene is suitable. The second option can affect people's health, because when it is crushed, dust is formed, which eventually penetrates the air that a person breathes. A more harmless option is the use of natural fillers. In particular, this applies to stuffing the base with dried medicinal herbs: St. John's wort, mint, plantain, mother = and = stepmother and others. Another good option is to fill the base with millet. But for this, the cereal needs to be thoroughly rinsed and after a year the filler needs to be replaced. This rule applies to all other natural fillers, with the exception of wool and fluff, feather. For these substances, it is enough to wash the contents in a soap solution and dry thoroughly.

Final stage

The last step in creating this item will be to insert a locking element: zippers, buttons or Velcro. It is used to hold the filler inside the base. Best of all, lightning will cope with this role.

Also, for ease of use, you can sew a fabric loop to the chair. For this element it is lifted from the floor and easily moved from place to place.

Bag Sewing Tips

And in conclusion, let me give you some recommendations that will help in creating this extraordinary little thing:

  • In order to facilitate filling the product with filler, use a regular plastic bottle, having previously cut off the bottom of it.
  • Choose the smallest diameter balls to fill. Large balls crumple quickly and the chair loses shape.
  • If over time the furniture has lost its shape, you need to fill up the filler or completely replace it.
  • When sewing, think about the ventilation system.
  • Beat the chair periodically so that its contents do not cake.

As you have already seen, the creation of such a wonderful little thing is quite simple. And to make a new thing, you need a couple of free evenings and some cash. By the way, you can not buy fabric, but use old clothes. Especially good for this role are jeans that you no longer wear. The only drawback of this option is that you have to tinker with combining the fabric into a single fabric. But the result will be worth the effort. So shake your wardrobe, turn on your imagination and boldly create new frameless furniture.

Watch the video: DIY BEAN BAG CHAIR. How To Sew (February 2020).


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