Stretch ceilings photo for a bedroom

Stretch ceiling is perhaps one of the most popular types of finishing materials in the bedroom. It will perfectly fit into any interior design or add new colors to a normal environment. Of course, this is a practical and effective finish. And thanks to the variety of color variations and textures, you can choose the option in accordance with any requirements, for example, two-tone or backlit, matte, as well as two-level or single-level ceilings.

Stretch ceilings have many unique characteristics compared to conventional ones. And, probably, many wondered more than once the question of why you can’t just whitewash or paint the ceiling. Unfortunately, most apartments cannot boast of smooth surfaces. Sometimes the walls in the old housing stock are cracked. Stretch ceilings will cope with this problem and refresh the repair.

But perhaps the most significant factor is that when flooded by neighbors, the hinged product can easily cope with the load of water and the structure does not collapse, ruining the repair. The ceiling will retain water until an experienced craftsman merges it from the ceiling profile. Which or which ceilings to choose is not at all a fad. This is a kind of confidence that the room will look aesthetically pleasing and reliable.

Stretch ceilings are gaining popularity from year to year. This is due to the fact that they are universal and easy to use in a variety of design variations. Firms that are engaged in their installation, as well as manufacturers themselves, are becoming quite a lot. This fact suggests that they are one of the most popular products among finishing materials. The main reasons for this demand can be distinguished: durability, environmental friendliness, ease of care, aesthetic component and the ability to create a perfectly smooth surface, as well as good lighting. They are also being upgraded every year - “soaring” ceilings and two-tone, three-color variations appear.

Materials that are used for manufacturing should have the appropriate properties and, of course, have practical benefits. Consider the main points:

  • Stretch ceilings are much more convenient from a technical point of view than using whitewash or painting.
  • These designs can hold back water when it hits the surface of the ceiling. Therefore, if this happens, then the repair in the apartment will be saved.
  • They do not burn and resist the spread of fire in space. Therefore, it is important to use this finish in the kitchen, where there are a lot of electrical appliances or in a country house with a fireplace.
  • If the ceiling profile has a film base, then it is easy to wash it with water using ordinary detergents. There are also special tools for washing products of this kind.

Thanks to the above properties, we can safely say that they are universal and can be used in any space.

ATTENTION!Fabric textures are well cleaned with a special soft brush. You can see it by requesting a photo on the Internet.

Due to the variety of colors and types, stretch ceilings have a huge aesthetic benefit:

  1. They can decorate and drape surface flaws. The concrete base visually becomes flat.
  2. Tension structures hide various wires, as well as communications.
  3. Tensile structures do not take up much space. The thickness of the ceiling profile can be only a few centimeters.
  4. Appearance and texture. You can choose any product design, from ordinary pastel shades to 3D prints. Inks used for printing are not harmful to health.
  5. Creating new design solutions is an important point if you want to add layering to the shape and finish. This refers to the fact that the design can consist of many levels, such as, for example, in 3D printing.

Types of Stretch Ceilings

Stretch ceilings can be easily classified according to the variety of materials used by the canvas itself, as well as by texture and dimensions. We will describe each view in detail:

  • The fabric look appeared not so long ago. All thanks to the fact that manufacturers now process the fabric in a special way. The fabric, due to processing, has the necessary durability, strength, and also increases the period of use. The fabric is impregnated with a special composition, due to which it becomes less susceptible to various influences, including physical ones.
  • Film ceilings. Polyvinyl chloride is used to produce this structure. An undoubted advantage of it is a huge selection of colors, which differs in the smallest shades, and you can also choose the texture that suits you. Despite the fact that the film thickness is very small, on average 0.22 mm, it can perfectly withstand water pressure. For example, up to 100 liters per 1 square meter. The canvas, stretched under the weight of water, quickly comes to its original position when flooding is eliminated.

REFERENCE!It is worth noting that the film is produced in large rolls with a width of 1.5 to 2 meters. Today, such types are supplied not only by foreign companies, but also by Russian ones. There is a photo gallery on almost every company’s website.

Stretch products can also be divided by type of texture. For example, it can be matte, textured, satin, glossy, combined, perforated and translucent structure.

Modern interior solutions are amazing. There are a lot of design options. This is due to the variety of textures, colors and stylistic decisions. Everyone can choose a suitable option for themselves and bring their design decisions to life. Consider the design options in different rooms:

  1. The ceiling profile in the living room should correspond to the entire interior, not particularly different from it. For the living room, absolutely any option of stretch ceilings is suitable, it should be selected taking into account the individual characteristics of the room.
  2. For a children's room, you can completely use the various options for printed drawings. The main thing is that the color is harmoniously combined with the walls of the room.
  3. In the bedroom, the whole atmosphere should first of all be conducive to relaxation. The most important thing here is not to focus on the ceiling. For example, a bad solution would be a mirror surface. Due to the fact that the gaze will be constantly directed to the ceiling, when lying down, you can always look in the mirror. For the bedroom, the glossy option is best.
  4. For the bathroom. Due to the large amount of evaporation, fungi or mold may appear in the bathroom. Therefore, in the bathroom, it is necessary to make a design that can withstand various types of influences.
  5. A kitchen is also a room with a large temperature difference and frequent fumes. The ceiling in the kitchen must be moisture resistant and fireproof. If there are bumps on it, then a tension surface of any kind will hide all the bumps.

Stretch ceilings can be not only monophonic, which they are mostly used to seeing. You can also make a profile with a picture to order. Thanks to the picture, you can create an indescribable comfort and realize all your ideas. Pictures can be of several options:

  1. Textural. This is basically a plain pattern that is not much different from the primary color of the surface. The textured pattern is achieved by giving the canvas a voluminous surface during production. This look is very similar to textile, but it is made on the basis of PVC film. Therefore, it has all its advantages. By the way, the color of such paintings has a variety of pastel muted shades. The texture can be of two types: satin or matte. The texture base is perfect for any kind of interior. In terms of price, it is not much more expensive than the usual monophonic option.
  2. One-dimensional photo printing. This type of print can be in the form of one large picture, or in the form of an ornament. Photo printing is the process of applying a picture to a canvas using a printer. Thanks to this method, you can print almost everything, even the author's work. An undoubted advantage of this type of printing is that the colors are rich and saturated, while the properties of the canvas do not change. Also, some manufacturers offer ceilings with ready-made photo printing. Ornaments, abstract patterns, clouds or ancient paintings are popular.
  3. 3D printing. This option is suitable for creating maximum volume and depth. Such a ceiling design consists of several paintings fixed to each other at a small distance. The top canvas is opaque, it shows a picture. The remaining canvases are made of transparent material. But at the same time, a drawing is applied to each layer in such a way as to give a larger volume to the first drawing.

IMPORTANT!3D products reduce the ceiling, but the image is as close to reality as possible. The prices of such ceilings are much higher than average prices.

It is advisable to choose a color while creating a design project of the room. It is important to understand what color the wall decoration will be. To accurately determine the color of the future finish, you need to see what color the materials will be. Using special samples of materials, you can visualize how one material will be combined with another color characteristics. But there are a number of factors that you need to focus on when choosing a ceiling:

  • It is believed that the color of the ceiling should be lighter than the color of the walls. But you can and safely experiment and change traditional ideas.
  • It is important to know some of the nuances regarding colors. Yellow and red shades will add comfort and light to the room, but also visually reduce the size of the room. As for cold shades, all of them are able to visually increase the space. Even the smallest room will gain more space thanks to the cool shade of the ceiling.
  • It is also worth considering the fact that in strong light, the ceiling can change its color. For example, purple will turn dark red.

When choosing a stretch ceiling, you should pay attention to the following recommendations:

  1. Before buying a stretch ceiling, you must require a certificate of product quality. It is important that it is provided by an authorized distributor. Such certificates are usually found on official sites.
  2. Another factor is the price range. Of course, in any product there are fakes. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the price should not be very low. Fabric ceilings are even more expensive than PVC.
  3. Also consider the size of the canvas. It is important to know that a vinyl ceiling cannot be wider than three meters. This fact suggests that it is of poor quality.
  4. But the main evidence of quality is the smell. Smell after installation may be present no more than one week. If the work has long been completed, and the smell does not disappear, then the stretch ceiling is of poor quality.

We hope this article will help you make the right choice, and the repair will not seem so tedious.

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