DIY artificial tree

On the eve of the New Year, in many stores and markets, trade in Christmas trees is opening. Some of us prefer to buy a living tree, and some choose artificial Christmas trees. In any case, a home-made Christmas tree will be able to decorate your home, office, kindergarten room or school room. Do-it-yourself artificial Christmas tree is not difficult, and if you take into account the wide variety of options available, then you should definitely try.

Unusual and interesting craft

Do-it-yourself artificial Christmas tree at home will turn out almost like a real one if you decide to make it out of corrugated paper. It is worth saying that this method is very quick and simple, and for the manufacture of some specific materials are not needed. Prepare the appropriate color paper and wire.

Now you can start manufacturing:

  1. To make an artificial Christmas tree from corrugated paper, cut strips 6-7 cm wide.
  2. Roll each strip several times.
  3. On the one hand, it is necessary to cut into stripes, do not reach the second edge. The width of the stripes should be approximately 0.5 cm. You should have a fringe.
  4. Now you need to roll each strip with your fingers. Thus, you should get thin needles.
  5. Screw fringe strips onto the spiral wire in turn. You should get separate branches of needles.
  6. Make branches more authentic for the lower part of your Christmas tree, and for its upper part, the branches should, on the contrary, be shorter.
  7. Collect 3-5 branches into a volume branch and secure with a wire.
  8. Install the assembled Christmas tree on a pre-prepared stand, it may be some kind of a piece of wood in which you will need to drill a hole for mounting.
  9. Correct the branches.

That's all, your Christmas tree is ready and looks like a real one. It remains to decorate it, you can also make toys with your own hands.

We work with cardboard

Another eco-style Christmas tree option can be made from ordinary cardboard.

  1. To make it, you need to draw or print a stencil. At least eight such modules will need to be made.
  2. Each blank must be folded in half and glue the Christmas tree. This is something like a modular origami. If necessary, trim the modules.
  3. All edges of the workpieces should be walked with a hole punch. To do this carefully, mark up with a ruler and pencil.
  4. Sprinkle your workpiece with white paint, but do not apply it very tightly. It is advisable to achieve the effect of snow powder.
  5. Sew the edges with white yarn, a narrow ribbon is also suitable.
  6. Cut out a star from cardboard and also paint it with white paint. To make it bright and shiny, grease the surface with PVA glue and sprinkle with sequins.

That's all, after very simple actions, your DIY artificial tree is already ready. This is an unusual and very interesting option.

We make a Christmas tree from the finished branches

In stores, you can purchase individual spruce branches, which are used for decorating rooms. In skillful hands they can be very interesting to use, you can create a Christmas tree with your own hands. Often such branches remain a legacy, and the frame of an artificial Christmas tree is broken or has long been lost. In this case, you should try to create your own New Year symbol with your own hands.

REFERENCE. Among the advantages it is worth highlighting the ability to adjust the height and splendor, and the manufacturing process is extremely simple.

In order to get started, you will need to prepare some materials for the wire frame. You can also choose a simpler method - to purchase supports for growing flowers. If necessary, you can add the length of the rods and rings. Cable ties, garlands, branches and various decorations will also be needed.

Now you can start building:

  • Connect the upper rods together and secure them with a cable tie. As a result, you should form a cone with an acute angle.
  • Now wrap the resulting frame with the existing branches. If they are soft, fastening can be done with screeds, and remove excess ends using wire cutters.
  • It remains only to decorate the Christmas tree with the help of garlands and toys.

REFERENCE. If you plan to install your work on the street, at the bottom, the sharp ends can not be cut off, but they can strengthen the structure.

We make a Christmas tree from packages

You can make a vivid symbol of the New Year with your own hands using oilcloth or regular green packets. This should be a small product, it can be installed on the New Year's table.

Now you can proceed directly to the manufacturing process:

  • Cut the oilcloth into strips 3 cm wide, but the length should be different.

20 and 15 cm - 6 pcs.

10 and 5 cm for 4-6 pcs.

3 cm - 5 pcs.

REFERENCE. By changing the number of strips, you can adjust the splendor of the product.

  • Each detail should be bent in half and cut along the edges, so you will make a fringe.
  • Cut a piece from the wire, it should be twice as large as your strip of cellophane. Fold the wire in two layers and lay in the center of the tape.
  • Twist the wire and ribbon gently, while straightening the fringe. In exactly the same way, follow all the other branches.
  • Now it’s worth doing the pillar. Prepare the wand, clean it and align.
  • Dilute the alabaster as indicated on the package and fill it in a jar, setting the prepared barrel there. Leave to dry.

It remains to collect all the branches on the base and decorate your product. The Christmas tree is ready, you can install it on an honorable prominent place in your house.

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