Do-it-yourself dog grooming table

Dogs of all breeds need regular grooming. It is important not only to monitor the nutrition and health of the pet, but also to make a haircut. Especially when it comes to preparing for exhibition events. A professional haircut implies the availability of the necessary tools and equipment. A haircut table is an integral part of the quality process, after which the pet will become beautiful and attractive.

An ordinary table or bedside table is not quite suitable for cosmetic procedures, because a cheerful dog will spin and interfere. It is also highly likely that the animal is injured in the fall. The dog must be fixed with a collar that is attached to a special holder. This will help give the animal stability and calm him during the haircut procedure.

How to make a dog grooming table with your own hands

In order for the dog to be trimmed evenly and efficiently, it must be ensured that it is firmly fixed during the grooming process. Holder for grooming will ensure the immobility of the pet. You can buy a ready-made table in the store for animals, or maybe do it yourself. The size of the table and the height of the holder should be determined depending on the composition of the dog.

To make a grooming table, you can take a regular table of the right size. Attach an L-shaped tripod from one edge above and secure the collar. Mounts are made in various ways. You can also make an arc-shaped holder that will be fixed from one edge of the table to the other.

Attention! If the table is made large, it can be used to trim two animals, respectively, and two collars are needed. This option is suitable for small pets.

Materials and Tools

When choosing tools, you need to understand which model you need. If the table itself also needs to be made with your own hands, rather than using a ready-made model, then you need to choose the material. For the manufacture of the table, durable material is selected, it can be made of wood, metal, and also combine several types. Some types of material can cause an allergic reaction in the animal, so the selection should be treated carefully. Making a tripod is not difficult. You can use two metal tubes that will be inserted one into the other. You should also prepare a machine for working with metal, a hacksaw, a drill, a ruler, a pencil or marker for marking, fasteners.

Drawings and measurements

When making a table, you can independently prepare a drawing of the layout of the future product. To do this, determine the model. On a piece of paper you need to draw a table, indicating the height and width of each part. Drawings with measurements can be taken from the Internet or purchased in a store. Nowadays, there is a wide variety of suitable options for a particular breed.

Attention! Preliminary preparation of the product drawing will allow you to get a high-quality and durable table.

Design and shapes

Today there is a huge selection of tables of various designs. If you purchase a finished product, you can buy a model depending on the destination. If a table needs to be moved to another place or taken with you to the exhibition, you can purchase items with wheels. It will be convenient to use. It should be borne in mind that dogs of large breeds are quite difficult to trim at home. To do this, it is better to contact specialists. In the salons are professional equipment that will allow you to carry out the procedure more efficiently.

More bulky tables are used to work in professional salons. When cutting, convenience is considered an important aspect. It is necessary to fix the animal in different angles, so the tripod should be mounted at different heights.

The rotating model allows you not to be distracted from the process and carry out the procedure simply by turning the base of the table around the axis. The holder must be mounted at various heights. When choosing a round table shape, there will be no inconvenience when cutting, the corners of the product square and rectangular often interfere.

Important! A folding table is convenient in that it does not take up much space when assembled. All parts are removable, and if you need to cut the dog, it can be easily assembled. The compact model is easy to pack in a case and is suitable for use on trips.

Dog grooming table on your own: step by step

To make a do-it-yourself grooming table for small dog breeds, you need to follow certain step-by-step steps:

  1. First you need to prepare the material for the base of the product and give the desired shape. To do this, use the drawing with the necessary measurements. Make a ruler with a ruler and cut off the excess with a hacksaw.
  2. The legs should be attached to the back. You can take metal blanks and fix with fasteners, or you can give preference to wooden parts.
  3. If you want to make a table with wheels, then they must be attached to the legs with a drill and fixing bolts.
  4. An important part of making a grooming table is attaching a holder with a collar. It consists of two metal tubes, one of which has a bent end. A larger diameter part must be attached to the side of the table. This can be done without resorting to making a hole. Just use fasteners for fixing. You can also drill a hole on the side and insert a tube there, fix on the back with a screw.
  5. A tube of a smaller diameter must be inserted into the first and attached with a screw. When it is loosened, the holder is fixed to the desired height, when twisted, it is fixed.
  6. The end of the metal tube of a smaller diameter should be bent, a collar should be attached there. It is fastened with improvised means, it is important to ensure a strong fastening, so that during the haircut the animal does not tear and hurt.

In order for your beloved pet to always look joyful and beautiful, care must always be taken. A haircut table is needed in order to facilitate the work of the master and conduct the process efficiently. After all, active animals do not always want to sit still. If the dog is not being groomed for the first time and this is a common thing, then you can perfectly do without a tripod. A beautifully trimmed dog will become a real decoration of any exhibition, and will bring its owners a lot of positive emotions.

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