DIY table made of wood

Tables made of wood differ from products from other materials with increased strength and durability. You can cut a beautiful milling on wood. Kitchen tables on carved legs and decorated with monograms look elegant.

Today we will consider several options for manufacturing tables for various purposes. The information will be useful not only to the masters, but also to people who want to order the product in the workshop.

How to choose a drawing for creating a table from a tree or make it yourself

To make a wooden table, you must first determine the shape and size of the countertops. Another parameter is very important - whether the table will be sliding and how it should be laid out. And most importantly, what the table will look like.

Let's look at general recommendations:

  1. Choosing the length and width of the countertops for a rectangular table or the diameter for a round table, you need to choose the height. This is an important aspect, if you make the table lower than you feel comfortable, your back will hurt. The optimal average height is parameters from 70 to 75 cm from the floor. This size includes: tabletop thickness, support and thrust bearings (if necessary).
  2. So, we have 3 important parameters. The thickness of the countertops is important. It depends on the thickness of the board that you pick. Now we select the drawing (for example, in a network) according to those parameters which are necessary. You can draw a sketch yourself.
  3. We draw the main view (remember the lessons from school) - here should be shown the height and width of the table, the shape of the supports, the possible underframe.
  4. Next, put on a piece of paper a side view where the nuances from the other side are displayed. The main parts must match the first drawing.
  5. The last step is to apply a top view. It is drawn strictly under the main projection. You can draw just a drawing, but so that you understand.

TIP: there is a little trick in order to find out the height you need - visit a furniture store, sit at the tables on display. You can ask the consultant for the parameters of the product you like. You can even take a picture of it.

Which tree is better to use

Basically, in the furniture industry for the manufacture of products used: pine, birch, oak and beech. These are the most resistant breeds, with a beautiful internal pattern and increased density. Of course, the products are heavy, but very beautiful.

In order to craft a wooden table itself, it is better to choose a pine or birch - boards from these species are easy to find in any locality, and they are easy (with respect to beech and oak) to process.

IMPORTANT: purchased boards and bars for supports should be carefully treated from parasites and dried. The product may lead if you have chosen wet materials.

The nuances of assembling a wooden kitchen table

We chose the drawing, bought good material, now it’s worth starting to cut the board. If the width of the board does not match the size of the countertop, then you need to dock the two boards, but you need to do this very carefully. There are two options for the operation:

  1. Saw and knock down the box of the underframe and nail boards closely, then cover them several times with furniture lacquer so that the joints are not visible. This method is suitable for a fixed table.
  2. Take two boards and connect them with the help of eccentrics (hidden fasteners), then also varnish the tabletop.

Least of all problems with a regular rectangular table made of wood, made by hand for giving on straight legs. But if you wanted to make the table extendable? There are several layout options:

  1. “Butterfly” or “book” - the sliding mechanism is in the center of the table, the tabletop is mounted on special rollers (everything can be purchased in the store). Two boards come out of the center and recline in the form of a book. The mechanism is easy to layout, but it is difficult to assemble for the first time.
  2. The table is spread on rollers and an additional processed board is placed on the underframe. It can be stored in a box under the countertop or in a separate place.
  3. The variant is similar to the second one, only a place for an additional component is organized on the side. The countertop moves to the side on rollers and a board lays on the vacant seat.

Supports - the main decoration of a wooden table. There may be one leg, there may be several. To carry out one support located in the center, experience in wood processing is required. A leg is cut out of a log (diameter of at least 15 centimeters). For stability, several fortifications (petals) are made. They are cut from the board and fastened on the same level. If you yourself can not cope with this task, professionals will help to process the tree.

TIP: Supports do not have to be made of wood. You can weld beautiful vintage legs, or purchase supports in the store.

Each part can be painted with white enamel and then, after assembly, varnished, which hides defects. Tables made in the rough old style look beautiful - with holes, slots, cover them with stain one or two times. In this case, the table will be inseparable and have 4 legs - straight bars.

Also, the tabletop can be covered with a thin furniture self-adhesive film (not to be confused with PVC for MDF panels). It can be changed periodically, which is very convenient.

How to assemble a computer desk

It’s worth mentioning right away that a computer desk is a piece of furniture designed to conveniently find the user behind it, as well as placing parts of a desktop computer (monitor, system unit, keyboard, speakers). Laptops are easier. Let's start from the fact that you need a table for a stationary device.

The minimum width of the product should be 80 cm and width (depth) - 60 cm. Usually, the system unit is placed under the table. I recommend making a wooden slide on the roller bearings under the body. It is very convenient, you can put it in any convenient place. It is done very simply - a board is cut a little more than the size of the system unit. Beat on the perimeter with bars and put on wheels. Cover with stain or varnish (as you like).

Now the table itself, made by hand from wood, a photo of which you see above. You know the choice of parameters from the first part of the article. Now you need to decide on the supports. This can be the usual four bars or a closed box on which the countertop will be laid.

Closed sides are best pulled back with a screed or additional wall. So the product will not stagger.

TIP: The closed space does not allow you to properly regulate the air flow from the system unit - this makes it more heated, clogged with dust, which disables the microcircuit.

But if you want a box, please!

Now it’s worth it to decide whether you need a sliding shelf for the keyboard or it’s more convenient for you to organize a working area on the surface of a handmade table made of wood, photos and drawings of which are presented in the article. You don’t need to invent a bicycle with a shelf - buy it in a store, there are many nice plastic options. If you put a shelf of wood - even better it will be plywood, although it will look awful. The boards are very heavy for the roller guide system.

It is worth considering the level of the monitor and its thickness. TFT monitors (yes, some still use them) have impressive dimensions. Need a shelf for a monitor and what depth will it be, or not? If necessary, measure the height and length of the monitor. Sometimes the display is attached to the wall. In this case, the shelves above the screen should be placed at least 15 cm.

Shelves for speakers and other peripheral devices are recommended to be installed so that they are convenient to use. For example, a printer and scanner should be placed slightly lower or flush with the countertop.

Each part is fastened with self-tapping screws and corners, including the legs for the table made of wood, made by hand. To cover the computer wooden table, made by yourself, we recommend using a stain. The varnish is very smooth. Can be coated with enamel.

Features of the performance of the desk

As in the case of a computer table, made by hand from wood, there are generally accepted standards: height 72-74 cm, width - 60 cm and length - 110 cm. With such dimensions, you can place a work stand under the table.

IMPORTANT: wooden parts are very heavy for installation on ordinary rails. For comfortable execution of the curbstone, it is recommended to perform a swing door on three hinges. And place inside the shelves on the usual furniture corners and secure with screws.

The side walls can be completely closed or the base is made of several bars, knocked together. It is recommended to put the stand on its legs (metal or wooden), it can be placed separately from the table. It is important to remember that wood is heavy material and you need to work with it carefully. On the walls, you can cut the milling.

A shelf mounted along the entire length of the table requires additional support. Between the countertop and the shelf should drive a block.

The desk is covered with a stain in two or three layers; notebooks and other stationery do not ride on it.

How to make a coffee table

This is where imagination unfolds! I will offer you several options, which one you like best, that one and choose:

  1. Choose a nice wide chock, process it and put the countertop on top. However, it can be wooden or glass. The combination of wood and glass looks beautiful. Four boards are fastened together with a square, a hollow is cut out in the center along the perimeter and glass is laid on it.
  2. Make a mini-kitchen round table with your own hands from wood on carved legs and with a shelf below. Such a product is recommended to be coated with colorless furniture varnish. Supports can be straight.
  3. An interesting table with a tabletop in two levels. It is advised to use metal legs.

Features of the implementation of the children's table made of wood

A children's table made of antique or modern wood, made by hand, is not standardized in size. The product is made on supports - bars. The tabletop is made square or rectangular. The box under the tabletop needs to be made narrow. Such tables are covered with safe enamel or stain.

For little ones, it is advised to paint the table with several different colors.

How to decorate the finished product

The tree itself is a very beautiful material, but sometimes hunting is a little to decorate the product. I will give some tips that are suitable for all options:

  1. Put glass on the countertop and fasten with special furniture glue. Glass is optional.
  2. Before applying the lacquer coating, natural elements (leaves, thin twigs, insects) are stolen on the countertop, then the tree is covered in several layers with colorless varnish (at least 10 coating layers). A glass effect will be created under which various objects are placed.
  3. Milling can be done on the underframe.

It’s not worth zealous; there should be a measure in everything.

Watch the video: DIY - How to make table from pallet wood (February 2020).


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