What is a chest

The chest is an original Russian furniture utensil.

Previously, in wealthy families, the most valuable things of various purposes were stored in it. Often chests were supplemented by a powerful castle and decorated with decorative elements or paintings.

In less affluent families, clothes, shoes, and kitchen utensils were stored in such pieces of furniture; often they replaced the bed with their owners.

Chest as a type of furniture

Let's take a closer look at what a chest is.


According to the dictionaries, a chest is a large box equipped with a removable or hinged lid and having an opening for the lock.

It was used in their everyday life by a variety of nationalities. In Russia, chests were present in the homes of both wealthy citizens and ordinary peasants.

Important! A chest is a very convenient piece of furniture that holds a large volume of items.

In past centuries, even food products were stored in such drawers.

In addition, they were used to transport various goods. For young girls, a dowry was going to chests from birth to subsequently hold a wedding celebration in accordance with all the rules and give the bride not married empty-handed.

Today it is a piece of furniture that fits well in various interiors..

As in historical times, today it is used to store various household items. It is possible to meet him in houses and apartments, but rather rarely. Most often, chests are found in museums where organizers want to show the life of past generations.


Outwardly, it resembles a large and heavy box with beveled corners, which is covered with a large lid secured by a lock.

Products are usually made of thick wood and trimmed with metal elements in the form of brackets and monograms, as well as a lock.

In expensive models, a built-in lock or a complex locking mechanism could be used, and in cheap models, an ordinary padlock with a key could be used.


Among the varieties distinguish such models.

  • Teremok. Possessed an additional small compartment, built on top of the main piece of furniture, which housed the most valuable things.
  • Headrest. He had in his design a special beveled plane for the pillow. The man was not worried about his wealth during sleep, as he slept right on the chest.
  • Casket. A box coarsely put together without decoration, which was used to store cereals and other edible supplies.
  • Box. Utensils, characteristic of the poor, often had a painting.
  • Locker. Boxes intended for storing utensils on sea vessels.

Important! Today, a piece of furniture has a decorative purpose rather than a functional purpose.

It is used as a bright addition to the interior in the image of Russian antiquity or vintage style.


In history, the diverse purpose of these pieces of furniture is known.

These wooden boxes were used to store the most valuable things, papers and jewelry. As well as items of clothing and kitchen utensils, which were especially dear to the owners.

In inexpensive models stored or sold supplies of various foods, cereals, flour and other products.

And also it was convenient to transport various objects in them. Chests were used as bulk suitcases for everything that needed to be transported from place to place.

Modern life of an old chest

Today you will not find a chest everywhere, however, some interior designers decide to use it in their projects.

Antique or artificially aged products can be used in interiors created in vintage style or ethnic decoration of the apartment.

It successfully fits into the interior and serves the owners not only as a decoration, but also quite practical. You can store various things in it, for example, an additional set of bedding for late guests.

Modern designers create new models of chests made of frosted glass or plastic. Such models perfectly complement the interior in the loft or minimal style. These are very original and practical models that will be a great addition to the decoration of the room.

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