What is a table?

The everyday life of a modern person is almost impossible to imagine without furniture and any other elements of the home interior. All this is necessary to ensure the livelihoods of people, as well as to give comfort and coziness in homes. In the dispute of the most common unit of furniture - a regular table will occupy only the highest and leading places.

What is a table?

This term is a designation of products created both with your own hands and with the help of production units. Such furniture does not have clear standards, because of which the shapes, sizes and appearance, as a rule, always differ. Design and specifications are selected depending on the purpose and place of operation.

The material necessary for the manufacture also does not have clear standards and restrictions. It all depends on the imagination of the manufacturer and the personal preferences of customers. Tables are mainly made of: wood, plastic, plastic, machined steel and other various metals.

On the issue of cost, wooden and iron tables will be the cheapest - this is due to the ease of manufacture, as well as the low cost of the material. In turn, the most expensive products will be made of artificial stone or using any designer jewelry, with the presence of luxury goods.

Reference! Glass products have an average price category and have established themselves with a miniature style that emphasizes minimalism. However, they also have several drawbacks - fragile physical properties, due to which they are very susceptible to destruction, and also at such tables are quickly and easily dirty.

When did the table appear

This item received its first mention in ancient Egypt: it was then, according to modern scholars, that the table was first invented and used. Legends say that initially the Egyptians ate on their knees and on the floor, until, during one of the burials of the famous pharaoh, one of the relatives of the deceased fell from a makeshift bench. The participants in the ceremony took it for the punishment of the Gods, who had fallen for disrespect for the deceased. Subsequently, the ancient Egyptians thought about creating a comfortable dining environment.

With regard to official information, it is scientifically proven that at that time there were two varieties of tables: work and dining. The worker was constructed from several wooden planks, folded and was portable. Its purpose was simple - it was used by slaves.

Reference! The lunch classification was already more massive, and it was extremely difficult to move it. After all, this kind of ancient furniture was created from a huge slab of hewn stone.

Why do I need a table

The product can be either a home interior item that provides many functions, or have a production or technical purpose. Its most common version is the standard dining table found in each apartment.
It is almost impossible to completely describe all the existing classifications of tables' purpose - because in any professional activity there are such elements that are very different from each other. However, the most significant categories of them can be distinguished:

  • dining;
  • serving;
  • a coffee table used for relaxation or as an interior item;
  • table for the bathroom - equipped with a mirror and drawers for personal hygiene items;
  • writing;
  • TV stand - represents several variations: from a small, angular version, to large variations, with many additional compartments;
  • computer;

How to replace the table

In order to fully answer this question, you need to understand exactly what it is intended for. Interior items can be replaced with unique design ideas. Very popular among lovers of aesthetics are home-made furnishings. People make furniture from any materials at hand, starting only from their fantasies and preferences.

So, for example, a standard coffee table can be replaced with some voluminous down jacket, with a wide surface. Also, people often use deep dressers, painting them in unique colors.

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