How to make a table for dolls

Little princesses are very fond of playing with their dolls and are delighted if their wards have new outfits or their own car, house. DYou can make a doll for your doll from improvised materials. Consider how to make a table for dolls from improvised materials.

Doll Furniture Options

Before you start creating furniture, you should talk with your child and find out what result would satisfy him. Dream together, because you can make any furniture and it will be quite simple.

There are a lot of manufacturing options, it can be a design from matchboxes or cardboard, it is very easy to make a product from paper or newspaper tubes.The decor also remains at your discretion, you can use various materials, beads, buttons, ribbons and much more.

Stock up on patience and a positive mood, decide on the design and collect all the necessary materials. After that, you can safely proceed to the creation of future furniture for the doll.

Consider in more detail what kind of furniture can be made:

  1. Ice cream sticks.
  2. Wire.
  3. Cardboard or paper.
  4. Matchboxes.
  5. Plywood.
  6. Wooden sticks.
  7. Bottle caps.
  8. Felt.

In general, there would be a desire, but there are materials. This process does not take much time, and your child’s emotions are priceless.

We make a cardboard doll table

Cardboard toy furniture is the most convenient and frequently used option. Products are very durable and stable. To create you do not need to purchase any expensive materials, as a rule, the necessary materials can be found in the house.

To work, you will need to prepare:

  • Pencil and scissors, PVA glue and a ruler.
  • Thick cardboard.
  • Four caps or other suitable items for table legs.

When you prepare the necessary materials your actions will be extremely simple.

  1. Choose the product scheme that suits you, you can draw it yourself or find it on the Internet.
  2. Transfer the drawing to cardboard, cut out the necessary details.
  3. Glue the parts with glue, make it dry.
  4. Decorate the product.

How to make a paper doll table

A table can be made of paper, or rather, of thin paper tubes. This material allows you to simulate a rattan or a vine, therefore, the product will come out in an ecological and modern style.

The following materials and tools should be prepared:

  1. Thick cardboard.
  2. Thin paper.
  3. An awl or a thick needle.
  4. Stationery knife.
  5. Wooden sticks.
  6. PVA glue and acrylic paint.
  7. Brush

Your actions should be as follows:

  • From cardboard cut two parts of the countertop. In one part, make holes for the legs with an awl. In another part around the perimeter, make holes for paper tubes.
  • Using glue in the corners of the structure, it is necessary to fix the wooden legs, and through the remaining holes, thread the paper racks.
  • Glue the second element with colored paper and then glue the two parts together.
  • Weaving must be done from paper tubes. Thread them from top to bottom, alternating in each row.
  • Braid the last row with a pigtail.
  • The finished product is varnished.

REFERENCE. Paper tubes need to be made in advance from strips of paper that are tightly wound diagonally over a thin needle. Use glue to fix each tube.

Matchbox doll furniture

There is a very simple, budget and quick way to make doll furniture.If you have several matchboxes on hand, you can quickly realize this idea. For fastening, use PVA glue, which is usually found in every house where there are children. The algorithm of your actions should be as follows:

  1. Prepare 5 matchboxes and PVA glue.
  2. Glue the boxes as shown in the figure below.
  3. Glue the glued structure over with colored paper.
  4. Leave to dry.

The manufacturing process is extremely simple, even a child can handle it.

NOTE. You can also make all other furniture out of matchboxes, which you will furnish for new housing in the future.

We decorate non-standard furniture

After the furniture is assembled, you can proceed to the stage of decoration. Here you should not limit yourself, but there can be a huge mass of options. Starting from simple ones, among which you can distinguish gluing with colored paper and ending with unusual decoration options, where you can note varnish painting and much more.

You can decorate the assembled furniture in various techniques. Can you draw well? Do not deny yourself the pleasure of creating your own creation. Paint the surface in some basic color, and when this layer dries, apply a pattern or color image to it.

It can also be decoupage. Use multilayer wipes with a suitable pattern. A thin thread glued in several additions will look interesting.

NOTE. This process can be turned into a creative process and a good time with your child.

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