Bed without reason what does it mean

A healthy sleep is incredibly important for a person’s health and good mood. It is during sleep that the body regains strength after a hard day's work and there is an emotional discharge, so it is very important to take care of the resting place, namely the bed. The choice of such furniture in our time is incredibly huge, it differs from each other both in the materials of manufacture and in the design of the base on which the mattress is located.

What is the bed base: main types

A base or foundation is one of the basic structural elements of any modern bed. In fact, this is the support of the sleeping place on which the mattress is installed, and the durability of the furniture, as well as the comfort of sleep, directly depends on its strength and quality.

To date, there are several options for bed bases, each of which has its own advantages and features:

  1. Flat. It is made most often from a chipboard, boards or plywood. A fairly simple, but at the same time tough and inconvenient option, not very durable.
  2. Rack and pinion. It consists of wooden slats or metal lamellas attached at a certain distance from each other. The design has sufficient strength and will last a long time, but over time, the mattress on this basis tends to deform. If necessary, worn and bent rails can be easily replaced, since the fastening mechanism can be done in minutes.
  3. Plastic The support for the mattress in this case is created due to spring elements made of plastic. They provide good support with elastic zones. It is also possible to adjust the stiffness. It is characterized by durability, reliability and functionality - for a healthy and comfortable sleep. The only drawback is the high price.
  4. Orthopedic. The most important advantage is the presence of a transformation mechanism that allows you to "adapt" to the needs of each person. Quite often it is supplied with legs, which makes it quite simple to install a similar design in the bed.

What does it mean: a bed without a base

One of the most innovative and progressive in our days are considered beds that do not have a traditional support. This furniture is in great demand, as it allows you to create an individual comfortable sleeping place taking into account the mass of various nuances - weight, height and complexion of a person, the size of the mattress.

REFERENCE! Structurally, the bed in this category is a frame made of wood or steel with a back. At any time, such furniture can be ordered separately any base you like, quickly install it and create a comfortable sleeping place with quite extensive functionality and capabilities.

The advantages of acquiring a bed without a foundation

Compared to classic design beds, unfounded furniture has a number of advantages:

  1. Affordable cost. In fact, only the frame is purchased, so the price is much lower than that of furniture with a complete set.
  2. An opportunity to establish the basis of any types at any time. Moreover, if over time some type of design gets bored, it can be quickly changed to another.
  3. Simplicity and convenience in transportation and installation. If necessary, such furniture may have a "transformer" design.
  4. Individual selection of materials, sizes and shapes.

A bed without a foundation is an excellent option for people who want for a little money to get a full-fledged place for a healthy and comfortable stay, which at any time can be transformed and made even more convenient.

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