DIY canopy over the bed

To create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in the bedroom there are many solutions. The simplest option is to install a canopy. You can buy a ready-made canopy, but a made accessory with your own hands looks much more attractive. Most often, the canopy is used in the children's room above the bed.

How to make a canopy over the bed

The canopy is an elegant accessory used to create a cozy environment and ensure a healthy sleep. Initially, the canopies were used as an element of luxury over the sleeping bed of the Turkish Sultans. But not only in Turkey installed it. In Russia, fabric was fixed over children's beds to protect against external stimuli during sleep.

The main advantage of the canopy is the isolation of a person during night rest. The canopy protects the comfort zone from direct sunlight, mosquitoes, cold drafts. It maintains temperature and creates a romantic atmosphere.

The canopy has only one drawback - it is a material that has a predisposition to collecting dust. To facilitate washing, you need to choose fabrics of light texture.

What is required for this

First you need to stock up with all the required materials and tools:

  • cornice (wooden or metal);
  • fabric of the required length (taking into account the size of the bed) and a width of approximately 2.1 m;
  • fastening (screws and anchors);
  • screwdriver;
  • threads, needles (sewing machine).

Important! In order to make waves on the fabric you need to purchase twice as much material than the size of the bed.

What fabric to choose for a canopy

Together with the many advantages that the canopy has an elegantly designed, there is a serious moment that opposes this curtain - the ability to quickly become dusty and impair air circulation.

Therefore, certain requirements must be imposed on the material used for the manufacture of the canopy:

  1. Loose texture.
  2. Matter is bound to be only natural.
  3. It is desirable that the material for the canopy was light tones or designed in a single gamut with the prevailing colors in the room.

You need to choose a sufficient amount of matter, but not to allow the formation of multilayer.

For a quality canopy that can only bring benefits, the following types of materials are suitable:

  • batiste;
  • silk;
  • tulle;
  • cotton;
  • satin.

Attention! Crush the canopy made daily. And if you can, then make yourself another set to replace the curtains.

Canopy Mounting Methods

Making a canopy, as a rule, does not take a lot of time and does not need special skills. Every woman who has the simplest skills of using a sewing machine can handle this. The only thing that can cause certain difficulties is the process of attaching the frame.

Methods for attaching the canopy:

  1. Arc-shaped fasteners. With this method of fastening, a semicircle is made of pipes, its ends abut against the wall. The canopy is mounted on the frame according to the principle of curtains.
  2. The contour of the bed. Racks are vertically mounted at the corners. Directly above the sleeping bed, a horizontal bar is also installed on which the material is fixed.
  3. Crown. A pipe of circular cross section is mounted on the ceiling - a canopy is pulled over it.
  4. Fasteners on a straight pipe. For production, one pipe is needed, which is fixed in the center of the room, a canopy is thrown through the cornice.

It is advisable to select the type of fixture that is most appropriate in the room. No need to chase fashion: if the room is small - it is best to choose an arc-shaped cornice. If the bedroom is spacious, then you can make a cornice around the perimeter.

Useful recommendations:

  1. Making a canopy is a simple procedure. Cut out the fabric according to the necessary sketch, sew on top the loops for fasteners. If a “shortened” canopy is used, then it must be 15-25 cm lower than the mattress.
  2. The method of fixing the frame is selected taking into account the style of the room and the type of canopy. For example: For a bed with supports, it is best to use the traditional version. This canopy looks great on the beds that are in the middle of the room. For a canopy in the form of a dome, a frame fixed above the sleeping bed is required. Semicircular designs look perfect on the beds that are in the corner.
  3. Instead of solid loops on the canopy, you can fix the tape to the color of the material. This technique, in addition to additional decor, will make it possible to quickly remove the curtain for washing.
  4. If you want to install the frame around the perimeter, then select the profile cornice for this purpose. It is durable and elastic. The color of the cornice can be chosen according to the coloring of the base material.

Canopy yourself: step by step instructions

The simplest system for fixing the canopy is a suspension system. The curtain is suspended from the ceiling ledge.

Build process:

  1. On the ceiling surface above the berth, you need to make markings. Why do you need to measure the length of each cornice. On the ceiling, points are marked for future fasteners, which must be in pairs and parallel to each other. The distance between the anchors should be approximately 40-60 cm, taking into account the width of the berth, you can use an average value.
  2. Holes are made at the marked points and fixing anchors are installed.
  3. To the prepared fixtures, you need to tie the tape so that each part forms a loop.
  4. The size of the hinges can be adjusted according to the height from floor to ceiling. For example, if the room is 2.4 m high, then loops 30 cm long will be enough. If the ceilings are higher, then the loops become longer.
  5. Next, the hemmed material is spread on the floor. It is bound to be a single cut of wide fabric.
  6. In the middle of the cut, it is necessary to mark a piece with a width that is equal to the length between the rows of fasteners. To this size you need to add 20-30 cm to the hanging curtains.
  7. In marked places, you need to stitch the material, creating a passage for threading the cornice into it.
  8. The canopy threaded through the frame must be hung by the hinges. On the sides, the cornice is fixed with caps so that the canopy does not slip during operation.
  9. Hang the canopy nicely on the edges of the bed.

Using the same suspension system, you can make a round frame. For these purposes, a hula hoop hoop is great.

There is another simple option to organize a canopy - to hang the material on the frame, where decorative pillars are at the base. The manufacturing process is a little more complicated, but the result is worth it.

Build process:

  1. In fact, the manufacture of this canopy consists in mounting a frame-frame over the sleeping bed, which can be made of plastic, metal or wooden. The most commonly used wooden option.
  2. All frame elements (racks and crossbars) must be connected to each other, with the help of spike / groove fasteners, reinforcing the fastening with glue on wood and screws.
  3. The prepared frame needs to be treated with 2-3 layers of varnish. If the bed is made of dark wood, then the tree can be covered with stain or manganese. Then dry and varnish.
  4. Mount the frame indoors so that the racks touch the corners of the bed.
  5. We drape the frame with the selected material, throwing the fabric over the crossbars. You can divide the material into 4 cuts, nicely tie up on each rack of the frame.
  6. If the bed already has racks, and you want to make a frame, you can stretch decorative ribbons, and throw the drapery material through them. The hanging parts need to be beautifully wrapped around each rack.

Self-made canopy is an original design solution that allows you to update the design of the bedroom at low cost and add a romantic accent to the atmosphere of this room. A little effort, materials and imagination can help to make the bedroom interior original, and radically change the place of night rest.

Watch the video: DIY: Bed Canopy (February 2020).


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