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Most often, a balcony is used as a pantry. In order for it not to turn into a warehouse of unnecessary things and have an attractive appearance, it is enough to get a wardrobe. In the article you will learn the types of cabinets on the balcony and what sizes are suitable for this.

Determination criteria

Regardless of whether you will buy ready-made cabinets or make them to order, you must first determine their size and the place where they will be installed. To save space, it is most convenient to place it in a corner. Before installation, measure the height and width of the space.

IMPORTANT: When measuring, do not forget to take into account the protruding window sill and baseboard.

The material for the closet on the balcony you need to choose wisely. Please note that the temperature on the balcony is different from home. Therefore, it must be resistant to seasonal changes and have water repellent properties. Suitable materials:

  • wooden, varnished (durable, reliable, moisture resistant);
  • MDF;
  • LDSP (strong, durable, moisture resistant, retains heat);
  • metal-plastic (high strength, does not respond to temperature changes);
  • lining (has increased moisture resistance, it is possible to use on an unglazed veranda).

IMPORTANT: Choose the material of the shelves, taking into account how much load they will have on them.

Appearance should harmoniously fit into the overall interior. In this case, it will serve not only as a place to store things, but also will become an adornment of your balcony. A suitable option can be selected from the photo.

Think of the internal structure in advance. It will depend on what you store in it. It can be shelves, hangers, brackets, drawers, various hooks and fasteners.

Doors can be:

  1. swing (the most common option);
  2. in the form of an accordion (doors open when opened one way);
  3. shutters (doors rise up, as on a gate);
  4. sliding (doors slide sideways).

It all depends on the area. For example, in a very small one, a cabinet with hinged doors will not work. In other cases, choose the door to your taste.

Wardrobe Ideas for Balcony

Depending on the area of ​​the balcony and its shape, such design options are possible:

Built-in furniture - made to individual sizes with a ceiling height. Usually it is built into the side of the room. It can be two-level. At the same time, swing doors can be installed at the upper level, and sliding doors at the bottom. If it is a direct cabinet, you can install roller shutters. They perfectly protect the contents from dust.

The built-in corner cupboard, turning into a cabinet under the window, is suitable for a small room. This option competently optimizes the space and gives an attractive appearance. Most often, two walls on the balcony are used to base the corner cabinet. Thus, to create it, additional material is not used. You only need to install the frame for the door.

Built-in modules in full window length. These are shallow shelves under the windowsill. It’s better that they be closed. Has the function of additional insulation of the balcony. Allow to store various small things.

IMPORTANT: The built-in model is mounted on the wall, so moving it to another location is not possible.

Freestanding - has three walls and doors. This is an independent design that can be moved anywhere. A conventional cabinet can be straight or angular.

Corner suitable for a custom size balcony. It will allow you to ergonomically fit the cabinet into the space and improve its appearance.

Sliding wardrobe is suitable for a spacious balcony. It can be placed near an adjacent wall with a room. Sliding doors will save space.

For small balconies, a side table can be placed on the floor or attached to a wall. A low pedestal standing on the floor can be used not only to store things, but also as a place to relax.

General criteria:

  • do not make furniture from colored facades, as they will fade under the influence of sunlight;
  • the facade should match the interior decoration of the balcony in a single style;
  • the presence of open shelves will allow you to dilute the interior with decor items (you can put flowers, vases, figurines);
  • the cabinet should not prevent light from entering the apartment;
  • for a visual increase in space, use mirror facades or facades of light shades (white, cream, ivory).


The wardrobe on the balcony has several advantages:

  1. Extra storage space.
  2. An opportunity to make a case of the necessary size and design.
  3. Optimizes the space of the balcony.
  4. Decorates the room with an aesthetic appearance.
  5. Things are hidden from prying eyes.
  6. Things are protected from dust and sunlight.
  7. In the cold season can serve as a refrigerator.
  8. In the summer, you can put flower pots on open shelves.

A properly selected or manufactured cabinet will be a real pride for the owners. It is best to place an order for individual sizes. Making it yourself or using an old cabinet on the balcony will be difficult due to the non-standard sizes.

Depth must be at least 350 mm. On a very narrow balcony you can install interesting shelving.

If desired, a sufficiently functional wardrobe can be installed on any balcony.

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