The height of the shelves in the bath

With independent construction of the bath, it is necessary to take into account some features. One of them is the optimal parameters of the future design. They depend on the destination, on the total size of the bathhouse and its furnace, and on the number of people who will be involved in the operation. All this the user must first indicate.

Types of bath shelves

There are several varieties, namely:

  • Stepped. Typically, such steam rooms provide two or three steps, which are convenient for everyone.
  • L-shaped. Seats are located in the space near adjacent walls, that is, neighboring ones. Unlike the first option, this is likely to create one tier.
  • Complicated. They can be in two cases: either the lower shelf is movable or the upper one leans back.
  • Coupe. Seats are set one by one.

What is the height of the shelves in the bath

To correctly determine the value, one should take into account the ratio of the height of the person using the device and the elevation of the entire structure. Despite the fact that there are no standard parameters, there are still recommended parameters for use in the assembly. It is believed that a tier with a half meter up (+ - 10 cm) is more convenient. If you have too much distance from the floor to the ceiling, then you can take into account the size of the shelf no more than two meters.

It is important to understand that seats that are too low will not be comfortable for you, so it’s not advisable to install less than 30 centimeters. In addition, it is advisable to place the uppermost shelf more than one meter from the ceiling.

What is the width of the shelves in the bath

The indicator most often varies from 30 centimeters to 60. In a situation where the surface seat is designed for lying, it is worth resorting to parameters larger than 60 - 90 cm, this will guarantee the most suitable pastime. Basically, it is best to rely on the total size of the area. If you make a choice, based on the number of people who will bathe, then the following recommendations should be considered:

  1. If you want to create a single lying shelf, the indicator should be approximately 1050 mm. At the same time, you should create a step if you want to sit on it.
  2. Provided for use by two or three people. It is advisable to arrange a rectangular design. Then the indicator will be from 1300 mm. This option is great for small and fairly compact rooms.
  3. From four or more. Again, if this is a small room, then a gap of 1400-1500 millimeters will do. In the case when you prefer large sizes, dimensions, you should take into account the size of 20 meters.

Design features

To fully ensure a winning bath room, one should take into account the fact that it is with open shelves on the lower side that the airing process will take place. And so that the liquid does not accumulate, it is advisable to make a slight slope. To avoid various damages, it is necessary to carefully check the reliability of fastening products to the walls.

In addition, do not try to make a coating using varnish, as at an elevated temperature they will release harmful properties, and the product itself will lose its original shape. Keep in mind that the structure did not have different angles and sharp points. To prevent decay, it is advisable to fence the floor from the shelves with a lining (it is better to choose rubber or plastic).

ATTENTION! An important point is compliance with fire safety. The surface must not be formed too close to an open fire or stove. And the walls that come into contact with them must be treated with a special non-combustible substance and fenced with material for thermal insulation.

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