Overlock rating for home by quality 2018-2019

Each professional seamstress needs additional equipment. One sewing machine does not get off. An overlock is required to process the edges. For many types of tissue, the edges "crumble". If the edge is not properly treated, then the clothes will unfold in the future. Overlock performs several tasks: it processes the edge, preventing further tissue dissolution; gives the edges of clothes a more attractive appearance.

How to choose an overlock

Preferences may be given to a particular manufacturer, country of manufacture. It is necessary to consider the rating of popular overlock models 2018-2019.

Overlock 51 classes

Soviet development. The model is old. But she has advantages. Thanks to these advantages, it is still used. Overlock 51 classes allows you to work with dense fabrics. With this model you can work with denim. This model is inexpensive. This overlock is used even in many ateliers. This model uses two threads. The quality of the model is not inferior to European kaukurentami.

Janome T-34

The device is endowed with many modern options. Used in the product up to 4 threads. The presence of thread cutter and knife cutoff. No display. The number of operations performed is 8. The stitch limit is 4 cm long and 7 cm wide. The presser foot is adjustable.

The number of stitches per minute, the maximum for an overlock, is 1300. Overlocks are made in Taiwan. The working area is illuminated. The unit has a power of 135 watts.

Brother 555D

The product has sufficient reliability, since the base is made of metal. There are many convenient features inherent in modern overlocks. Among them are the possibility of processing sleeves and other details of cylindrical clothing. Of the nice additions, you can highlight the garbage container. The number of different seams is 8. The presser foot is adjustable.

Overlock is equipped with a working area illumination. The maximum speed achieved by the product is 1300. The model does not have a stitch seam and an automatic needle threader. The power of the device is 120 watts.

Jaguar M-714 D

The maximum number of threads is 4. Like other modern overlocks, it processes fabrics of various densities. Overlock has 7 seams. The mechanism for automatically turning off the knife. Raising the foot, adjustable thread tension. It is possible to process sleeves, trouser-legs. Differentiated feed will allow you to work with fine knitwear. Cutting off the knife is present. A nice addition is the waste bin. The product has a power of 135 watts. The maximum sewing speed of the unit is 1300. The model is equipped with a thread cutter. Maximum stitch values: 4 mm long and 7 mm wide.

Juki MO-654 DE

Semi-professional apparatus with the number of threads up to 4. There is a differentiated supply of fabric that allows you to work with thin knitwear. With this work, the fabric in the right places is attached to stretching, in other places, if necessary, on the contrary, to the assembly. The model has the function of turning off the knife. Overlock performs 15 different seams. Thread tension is controlled manually. The product has a power of 105 watts. The presser foot is adjustable. The maximum number of stitches per minute is 1500. The maximum stitch is 4 mm long and 6 mm wide. Stable puncture force, color marking of threads.

Elna 664 pro

The product has a security system. If the lid is opened, operation will pause. Product power 135 watts. 12 varieties of seams. The maximum stitch is 5 mm long and 7 mm wide. The model is equipped with a knife cut-off function. Differential feed option. You can handle the sleeves. There is a special stitch table "sewing adviser". Adjustable stitch length and width. There is illumination of the working area. Among the nice additions are a waste bin, needle threader and thread cutter. The country the manufacturer of these models is Switzerland. Overlocks are made in Taiwan.

Janome Cover Pro 2

Sewing machine performs 4 types of seams. Used up to 4 threads. Overlock has a power of 90 watts. Differential feed option. Thread tension is controlled manually. The device is equipped with a manual thread cutter, an adjustable presser foot. The stitch limits are 4 mm long and 6 mm wide. The puncture force is stabilized and ensures uniform sewing speed. The model has the ability to handle sleeves.

Baby lock

A modern modification of this brand is the Evolution BLE8-2. Overlock models of this brand can use up to 8 threads. Evolution BLE8-2 has 22 types of seams. A puncture force stabilizer is installed on the product. Illumination of the working area occurs using LEDs. The power of this overlock is 120 watts. There is a differential feed of tissue. Overlock has no platform for processing sleeves. A nice addition will be the presence of a needle threader.

Important! The model has an automatic thread tension adjustment. These overlocks are made in Japan.

Toyota SL 355

Universal overlock. Different types of seams can be selected using the switch located in the front. No needles to change the needle plates. The power of the device is 90 watts. There is a knife cutoff. The fabric clamp and trim width are adjustable. The number of threads is up to 4. Overlock performs 8 sewing operations. The stitch is a maximum of 5 mm long and 7 mm wide. The product operates at a maximum speed of 1,500 stitches per minute. A good addition is the trash bin, accessories section and color marking. Thread tension is controlled manually. The possibility of differential supply of tissue is present.

Veritas My Lock 320 D

Suitable for use at home and atelier. Performs 8 different types of seams. The maximum number of threads is 4. The power of the product is 120 watts. The maximum speed of the machine is 1300 stitches per minute. There is an option to disable the knife. Work area lighting is available. The fabric clamp is adjustable. There is a tray for scraps. Maximum joint width 7 mm. Country producer Germany. Overlocks are released in China. For the house, a great model.

Which overlock to choose

It all depends on several criteria.

  • Cost. Not every seamstress or atelier can afford a unit whose cost exceeds 20,000 rubles. Professionals usually buy the appropriate equipment. But fans can start with a technique that has a minimal set of necessary functions.
  • Producing country. For many, it is a motivating factor.
  • Specifications. What types of tissue processing will be possible to do depends on them. The more various options, the more types of sewing work can be performed.

A quality overlock will be a great addition to a sewing machine. Such a “pair” will allow you to sew many types of clothing and other garments.

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