How to assemble a manual meat grinder

Manual meat grinder is a simple device that has been used for grinding meat and various products for several centuries.

In every kitchen you can find this appliance that turns meat into juicy minced meat. And besides, she squeezes juice from soft vegetables, fruit puree, and is used to make cookies and pasta from dough.

Features of manual meat grinder

Although in the modern world electric household appliances ruthlessly supplant mechanical devices, many prefer manual units for grinding meat.

Some housewives are sure that manual meat grinders are a relic of time. However, the advantages of the devices prove the opposite.


  • Low cost in comparison with electrical appliances of a similar purpose.
  • Durability.
  • Simplicity of operation.
  • Possibility of use in any conditions (in the country, in the yard).
  • Independence from sources of electricity and voltage.

Experienced chefs are sure that the taste of ground meat, passed through the grill of a manual meat grinder, is much better than that obtained with the help of an electric appliance.

The fact is that the consistency of minced meat is quite large, and not airy, creamy.

Tip. Such forcemeat is preferable for cooking meatballs and other meat dishes - it holds its shape well and does not crumble.

For objectivity, it should be noted that the device has disadvantage. When using a manual unit is the need to make great efforts for meat processing.

Tip. To facilitate the work, you need to monitor the condition of the cutting edges of the knife, sharpen regularly. If the cutting surfaces are sharp, then the meat is ground easily.

Body material

Manual units were made of cast iron, steel, durable plastic, aluminum. Soviet meat grinders that were cast made of cast ironwere cheap and easy to operate. Many housewives have survived to this day. They cannot be broken, but they are quite heavy.

Meat grinder aluminum much easier. It also serves for a long time, but it’s hard to turn the meat on it - you need to put in more effort.

Plastic models are light and functional, but short-lived. They must be handled carefully so as not to break.

How a manual meat grinder works

A familiar kitchen device is a rather simple technical device from the constructive side.

Him the principle of operation is based on two points - manual transmission and mechanical pressureand which is created by the screw.

  • The meat loaded into the bowl falls on the screw shaft. It serves as a conveyor.
  • Due to the physical impact, the meat moves with the screw towards the exit and is pressed to the grill.
  • The knife rotates and moves along the plane of the grill, cuts off pieces of meat from large pieces.
  • Cut pieces can pass through the grate only after they are quite small. It is not recommended to load too large pieces into the meat receptacle, as they can block the operation of the unit.
  • The resulting stuffing passes through the grill and enters the container, which must first be substituted under the clamping nut.

The grinding process takes place continuously until the handle of the meat grinder rotates. If the minced meat is not small enough, then you can skip it again. Grinding quality can also be adjusted using interchangeable grilles.

If large pieces of meat or veins get stuck, you can scroll the handle in the opposite direction using the auger reverse. The product will exit through the top hole and can be loaded again. The cause of incorrect operation can also be winding the fibers on the knife. In this case, you need to disassemble the device, clean it by hand and reassemble.

Tip. To keep all parts of the unit in working condition and to prevent the appearance of rust on them, you need to disassemble the meat grinder after each use.

Parts and accessories

Manual meat grinder consists of several parts, which are presented in the photo.

  • The main all-metal case from strong metal (cast iron or steel). Inside it there are ribs designed to separate pieces of meat of a size that can pass through the auger.
  • Meat receiver for bookmarking products. It can be removable and stationary.
  • Auger shaft. With its help, the grinding products move from the bowl to the cutters, and then to the exit. The screw has the form of a spiral, made of durable metal.
  • Knifegrinding everything that gets into the meat box. In the center there is a square hole for putting on the screw. It can be with four cutting blades or disk type. It is important to install the knife correctly so that the mechanism does not jam.
  • Mesh ring or grill (it is called a fixed knife). The standard size of the holes for minced meat is 4-4.5 mm. There are tabs on the grill that help fix it motionlessly between the body and the nut.
  • External knurled nut, securely holding the working tool on the shaft: knife and grill. It is made of durable metal, a thread is cut inside, which is combined with the thread on the body.
  • A pendriving a shaft. The place for a hand grip is usually made of plastic or wood.
  • Lock screw for clamping the handle and mounting it on the shaft.

And also to the unit can go additional grilles, replaceable knives, nozzles for kebabs, tomato and fruit juice.

Assembling a manual meat grinder

To ensure that the operation of the mechanical meat grinder does not cause problems, it is important to make sure that all its parts are clean. It is also important to correctly assemble it, performing the following steps step by step.

  • Insert the screw shaft with the narrow side inwards into the rear hole of the housing. A handle is put on the thicker end, and a knife on a small square ledge. Usually the narrow part has a square section, and the place for the handle is round with one flat side.

  • Put on the handle onto the wide shaft and fix it with a screw.
  • Put on a knife flat side out, leaning against the shaft. This is the most important point in the assembly of the entire structure.. The correct operation of the unit depends on the correct location of the knife. If you install it on the opposite side, then the meat grinder will push through the product, and not chop.

  • Put on the grill so that it is as tightly pressed against the plane of the knife.

Important! There is a small ledge on the case, and a recess on the edge of the grill. It is necessary to combine these two parts as accurately as possible, otherwise it will not work to tighten the nut tightly.

  • Screw on the clamping nutturning it to the right until it stops. After fixing with a nut, the grill must be fixed motionless - do not fall out and do not scroll. If you cannot tightly tighten the nut, then the grille is skewed. You need to unscrew it in order to fix the details and screw it again.

Once you remember the nuances of the location of the knives and fasteners, you no longer have to face difficulties in assembling any model of a meat grinder. You will always be able to assemble the device correctly.

Important! Use exactly the cutting tools that are included with the delivery of this meat grinder, they are not interchangeable.

Steel knives require regular sharpening, because grinding quality depends on their sharpness.

Mounting the meat grinder on the table

A manual meat grinder requires some effort to grind meat, which means that the assembled unit must be securely fixed to the table.

A special clamp with a thread is provided for fixing - clamp, and in some models a vacuum suction cup for attaching to a smooth work surface.

For fixing with a clamp need to:

  • install the unit on the edge of a flat table surface;
  • holding with your hand, tighten the screw located at the bottom (according to the principle of bench vice).

Some models are equipped with rubber feet to protect the table surface from damage by a metal appliance.

Tip. If the rubber feet are not included in the kit, you should choose softener pads yourself. Instead, you can use a cloth or a regular newspaper.

This will prevent “tearing” of the metal surface of the foot and facilitate the grinding of meat.

If you do not attach the meat grinder to the countertop, then in the process it will fidget and pop off, and therefore, grinding meat will require additional efforts to hold the device.

Due to its considerable weight, dropping the device on its foot or floor is undesirable.

How to disassemble a meat grinder

After each use, you need to disassemble the meat grinder to wash all its parts, dry and fold for storage.

Important! The unit must not be washed in the assembled state, so it is impossible to clean all the remaining meat from it.


The analysis will not be difficult if you perform several steps in stages.

  • Unscrew the clamping nut (grab with a towel so that the hand does not slip).
  • Remove parts from auger pin.
  • Loosen the screw securing the handle.
  • Remove the handle.
  • Take out the auger.

It is better to disassemble the meat grinder above the sink or above the table so that the remains of the products do not fall on the floor.

When the unit is disassembled, it is necessary to clean all its parts, wash it with hot water and spread it on the surface until it dries completely.

Knives are best washed in cold water, because hot negatively affects their severity. If pieces of meat are stuck in the grill, you can use a toothpick or match to push them out.

Tip. After all the meat is scrolled, you can skip raw potatoes or a slice of bread. This will facilitate subsequent cleaning of the device.

It is better to store the meat grinder in parts, and assemble immediately before use. For reliable operation of the mechanism, you can lubricate all the internal parts with sunflower oil before grinding.

If you follow the storage rules of a manual meat grinder and carefully use it, then it can serve for many years.

Watch the video: LEM Products Grinder Head Assembly (February 2020).


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