Which inhaler is better: steam or compressor?

An inhaler is a safe and affordable way to solve health problems. It is used to prevent colds, strengthens the immune system. It helps to solve many health problems, reduces inflammation, and promotes better expectoration of sputum. Depending on the spectrum of necessary procedures, the desired model is selected.

Which of the two types of inhalers is better? Steam is good for treating the upper respiratory tract, compressor is good for chronic diseases. In our opinion, the compressor will be better.

Steam inhalers

This device is effective for the treatment of the upper respiratory tract, rhinitis, pharyngitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, tracheitis, and is also widely used in cosmetology. As therapeutic agents are oils and decoctions of medicinal plants.

The device and principle of operation of steam inhalers

The model is based on the principle of thermal evaporation of the drug solution. The device resembles a kettle in its structure. The mechanism of work is to supply steam from a so-called kettle to a mask. It dilates blood vessels, penetrates into the deeper layers of tissues, exerting a therapeutic effect on the nasopharynx and respiratory organs. During inhalation, hot steam with a temperature of 50-65 degrees is released.

Advantages and benefits of steam inhalers

A traditional steam inhaler is in demand among consumers in the sales market. You can highlight its main advantages:

  1. It is highly effective in treating the common cold and upper respiratory system.
  2. Perhaps the use of decoctions of medicinal plants and medicines in oil form.
  3. Mobility and ease of operation.
  4. It can be used for cosmetic procedures.
  5. Low cost.

Disadvantages of Steam Inhalers

The following characteristics can be attributed to minuses: when the apparatus is heated, the structure of drugs is destroyed, hot inhalation cannot be carried out at a patient's body temperature above 37.5 ° C.

Important! Not recommended for people with diseases of the circulatory system, tuberculosis, various heart diseases, as well as children.

Compressor Inhalers

This type is intended for consumers who are prone to chronic respiratory diseases; viral, bacterial, obstructive bronchitis; tuberculosis; laryngitis and rhinitis; pneumonia. It is great for young children.

The device and principle of operation of a compression inhaler

A jet type inhaler with a compressor creates a powerful air stream that passes through a small hole in the chamber where the treatment solution is contained. Air breaks the drug solution into tiny mobile aerosol particles. An aerosol cloud is formed. When inhaling, it enters all parts of the respiratory system, even the most inaccessible places. The mechanism of action is borrowed from the pumps.

According to the principles of drug supply, three types of inhalation unit can be distinguished:

  1. The convection type is intended for very young children. A distinctive feature of the mechanism is that, regardless of the strength of the baby's inspiration, an uninterrupted supply of aerosol particles occurs.
  2. Controllable view by inhalation. Focuses on children from four years. The operation of the device depends on the inhalation and exhalation of a person. On inspiration, the valves pass an aerosol cloud, while exhaling, they block the flow of substances.
  3. A model where the flow of particles in a nebulizer is manually blocked. After inhalation, you can stop the spraying of aerosols, before inhaling - start the work.

Advantages and benefits of compression inhalers

The main advantages of an innovative device:

  1. They are more versatile. They are used with any medications, including antibiotics and hormonal drugs.
  2. Here, the compressor does not destroy the dosage formula of the drug.
  3. They are equipped with masks of different sizes, so they are suitable for all family members of any age. Used to treat infants.
  4. The device is convenient to use, durable and easy to operate.
  5. It can be operated several times a day, which is indispensable for people with chronic diseases who need constant treatment.

Disadvantages of Domestic Compression Inhalers

Despite all the advantages, it is important to highlight the disadvantages. These include: large dimensions and network operation, strong noise during operation, it is impossible to fill in oil mixtures and it costs more.

Of course, each inhalation device is good in its own way. It all depends on the specifics of the disease and the spectrum of application. Compressor models are in great demand among consumers. They got their rating due to versatility and compactness. They are characterized by the ratio of price, quality and functionality. If you need an inhaler for cosmetic purposes, then steam will be indispensable.

Attention! When choosing a company, it is better to give preference to leading, established manufacturers in the sales market. Despite the fact that such models will cost more, they will last for many years.

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