How much weight does an acrylic bath hold?

Is the acrylic bath strong enough? Will she withstand all the "burdens of life" imposed on her? Read about this and many other things in our article.

Acrylic bath weight

An important plus of acrylic bath is its lightness compared to cast iron and metal. It is easy to transport, assemble and dismantle.

Here are the standard data for typical dimensions:

  • 120 × 70 cm - 15 kg;
  • 150 × 70 cm - 18 kg;
  • 170 × 70 cm - not more than 25 kg;
  • 180 × 80 cm - about 30 kg;
  • complex configuration - up to 50 kg;
  • with additional equipment, typical weight increases on average by 25 kg.

You can find out the exact data in the accompanying set of documents.

To cope with such weight is easy even for an ordinary person. But can a thin plastic withstand a sufficiently heavy person, will it face deformation or even the appearance of cracks?

We hurry to calm skeptics, these baths are made from technical acrylic with antimicrobial additives in two ways:

  • solid casting (more expensive, but also more durable);
  •  from moisture-resistant ABS plastic with an acrylic coating.

The technology provides for mandatory reinforcement by applying polymer based on fiberglass.

How much can an acrylic bath stand?

This question worries all potential buyers of plumbing. Moreover, if the future user, to put it mildly, is not thin.

We dare to assure you that experiences are absolutely groundless.

Experts claim that a bath of acrylic of good quality can withstand all half a ton for half an hour.

But to avoid troubles in everyday life, it is recommended to follow the rule:

  • "pyshechkam" you should not lean too much on the side of the product;
  • it is necessary to enter the bath, leaning on the whole foot and holding the edge or wall by hand;
  • in no case do not jump;
  • water should be moderately hot, otherwise, especially if the base is made of ordinary plastic, the bath gradually loses its shape (ideally, the material can withstand up to 160 0WITH).

What affects the strength and durability of an acrylic bath?

It is necessary to consider:

  • The number of supporting "legs" carrying the main load. The more of them (usually from 6 to 12 pieces), the stronger.
  • Features configuration models (it is best to buy a corner).
  • The maximum temperature threshold of the reinforcing layer, after which its destruction begins. On average, acrylic plumbing retains its structural properties at temperatures up to 80 0C, but best of all - no more than 600 WITH.

In short, a small scoop of hot water will not damage the surface layer, but boiling water in large quantities can make it “bubble up”.

How to strengthen the bath of acrylic?

Several additional conditions contribute to strengthening, strengthening and safety of the baths:

  • double reinforcement;
  • Foam bottom treatment;
  • adding a few legs or replacing existing ones with more durable ones;
  • frame reinforcement.

Various combinations of reinforcement methods are permissible.

Install on frame

The purpose of the frame is to evenly distribute the loads over the entire surface of the bath, making it safer and preventing breakages and deflections.

Which frame to choose, if it is null at all - think in advance before you start installing a new product.

Important! Mandatory frame is only for the corner model.

Frameworks are of several types:

  1. Frame - the design is made in the factory from a square profile in the form of a pipe, for a specific modification. All parts are anti-corrosive. Assemble according to the instructions. Better if the professional does it.
  2. Brick - You can do it yourself, but the specialist will perform this difficult work with skill. The bowl is put on a ready-made base, and at the bottom they pass with foam for installation.
  3. Wooden - use plywood and parallel bars with waterproof texture. It is not difficult to cope with this matter yourself, the main thing is to have some skills and tools. With a bit of effort, you don’t have to spend money on a factory model or pay a master. It is a little creativity - and your bathroom will delight all of the home with its unique design.

In any case, the choice is yours. Due to the strengthening of the bath in one of the ways, the danger of its damage is reduced to zero. Yes, and the operational period of the product increases significantly.

Factory frame frame

Consists of the following components:

  • corner supports (by the number of those in the bath);
  • intermediate support columns;
  • longitudinal ribs to strengthen the sides;
  • height-adjustable "legs" of the quality profile.

Choosing a suitable product, carefully examine the proposed frame. Him excessive massiveness indicates not too good quality of the offered goods.

Advantages and disadvantages

Acrylic option different cheapness, always is a choice of several shapes and sizesThe color range is varied. Such baths keep warm wellOh, they are easy to clean and disinfect, not rust. Thanks to its low weight they do not create an overload on hardwood floors and are suitable for summer houses.

Using frame coasters and catwalks, you can create a variety of interior solutionscontributing to a cozy and comfortable rest. Quality products are long and reliable.

Choosing a bath of acrylic, read the passport of the product. To plumbing served you for a long time - take the goods only from a trusted manufacturer and follow the rules of its operation. Proper use is a guarantee of long bath life.

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