How much RAM is needed for a laptop

For people who do not understand computers, the concept of "RAM" is associated with the ability to store data on a hard disk for a long time, which is actually determined by the internal memory. The mentioned memory determines the amount of data that the system can "hold in your head" at the same time. From her indirectly depends on the speed of the laptop, or rather, at what amounts of information used, it will begin to slow down.

How much RAM you need for a 2019 laptop for comfortable work

The required amount of memory, both internal and operational, depends on the purpose of the laptop. Possible amounts of RAM and areas of activity in which it will be convenient to use them:

  • 1 GB is incredibly small. This is not enough even for the simple operation of the computer itself on Windows 7 or 10. Operating systems consume approximately 1.1 and 1.7 GB, respectively, although for the tenth version, known for poor optimization, this is not the limit. This level of memory is suitable for a bank terminal (although they are terribly slow) or a computer running XP;
  • 2 GB is also small. Immediately it is worth remembering that 1.5 and more devours the very activity of the system. The rest is barely enough to keep text documents (Microsoft Word is heavy, it won't work) and the browser works with one or two tabs. You can run games on the emulator for Sega or Nintendo DS, they are undemanding to resources;
  • 4 GB is the minimum size. It will allow you to use most office programs, perform simple work in light 3D editors and play most of the games of release until 2012 at maximum graphics settings. Just do not include everything at once - a large number of open applications will invariably cause the launch of the paging file, which will significantly increase the response time;
  • 8 GB - middling. Suitable for almost all games (of course, allow the parameters of the video card and processor), if not at the maximum settings, then at the average exactly (true for all software released before 2018). Office work is supported without problems, browsers with hundreds of open tabs slow down for half a second (this is the browser engine is to blame, not the memory), but it works;
  • 16 GB - large volume, enough for all games, and for any office actions, it will allow you to play while simultaneously keeping several browsers open and supporting background programs;
  • 16+ GB - any number above 16. This amount of memory is needed only for working in heavy 3D editors, creating three-dimensional films with "cluttered scenes" or any other actions that are not in the interests of ordinary home PC owners.

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If a there were hangs - you should not immediately blame the RAM. It happens that the RAM is enough, but the processor's conductive capacity is not enough, or the video card (if we are talking about games) is weak. In addition, it is important how the user handles the computer and works on the Internet. If the Actions are performed without caution, regular virus checks and daily cleaning of the browser cache, then a large amount of memory will not save - the laptop will slow down due to virus and background applications.

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