Which color printer to choose for home

The printer is a very convenient device. Thanks to him, you can print the necessary document or image at any time. The appearance of a color printer significantly expanded the capabilities of this device and saved users from having to go to special workshops in order to print in color or photograph.

Now a large number of various models are produced. Some of them are intended for industrial use, others for home use. Knowing all the nuances, choosing the most suitable option will not be difficult.

To choose the right printer for home use, you first need to know what types of devices exist, how they differ, what are their pros and cons.


Printing is carried out due to a special matrix through which color and black and white drops of the smallest size are passed. For work, 3 to 6 different colors are used. The advantages of this type include:

  • inexpensive cost;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • compact sizes;
  • small amount of electricity consumed;
  • can print on thick photo paper.

The disadvantages include:

  • high cost of original cartridges;
  • irregular use dries the ink;
  • the price of one printed page is quite high.

ATTENTION!To reduce the cost of one page, you can install an uninterrupted printing system. However, if the device is new, then it will be removed from the warranty service.


The image on the sheets of paper is formed by transferring the magnetized particles of the coloring pigment to the photocell. Laser devices provide high speed printing. However, they are more suitable for office use, as they cannot print on photo paper.

The pros include:

  • the coloring pigment does not dry out, so the product can be used irregularly;
  • pigment lasts for a long time;
  • the price of one printed sheet of paper is inexpensive.

Cons are:

  • cannot print on high-density paper;
  • the resolution of the resulting image is slightly lower compared to the result obtained using an inkjet printer.


The principle of operation of this printing device is similar to the operation of a laser printer. The main difference is the light source. Unlike a laser printer, here the light source is LEDs. Also, the product does not have a drum.

The LED printer has the same advantages as the laser version. Moreover, it is more environmentally friendly, and the result is of high quality. Also, due to the lack of a photo camera, the user does not have to look for analogues to the original gas stations, since the price of branded ones is low.

By cons include a rather high cost.

All models differ not only in the way the image is printed. When choosing the most suitable device, you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  1. Supported paper size. Types of printers are designed for different paper sizes, from A0 to A4. For home use, the best option would be A4.
  2. Print quality. If a printer is purchased for printing pictures or text, then resolution is not an important feature. If you plan to print photos, then you should choose models that provide a quality of at least 4800x1200.
  3. Speed. Inkjet printer provides faster printing speed. But for home use, this option is not the main one.
  4. The presence of Wi-Fi. This is a very convenient feature. It allows you to print from a tablet or smartphone using wireless data transfer.
  5. The manufacturer. When buying a product, you should not save on the brand. Well-established firms produce devices that provide excellent quality work. They have good service in branded services. And buying genuine parts or cartridges is not a problem.
  6. Model. Before buying, you need to determine exactly how often the device will be used. Each printer has a maximum monthly load. That is, the printer cannot print more than the pages specified in the instructions.
  7. Equipment. Some products have optional trays or a built-in hard drive. Therefore, it is extremely important to know what exactly you plan to use after buying the printer.
  8. The way to refuel. When buying, you should clarify whether or not you can refill the cartridge yourself.

REFERENCE! Some models have a special chip. It does not allow owners to refill the printer themselves, forcing each time to purchase a new cartridge.

Among the huge range of printers, it's hard to choose which is better. The following is a small rating.

Canon PIXMA MG3040

The product is very compact, while functional and very convenient to use. It can print both documents and photos. It has the following characteristics:

  • view - jet;
  • printing - color;
  • Supported A4 format
  • the tray holds 60 sheets;
  • 180-sheet cartridge is enough;
  • there is the possibility of self-refueling with coloring pigment;
  • can print on plain, photo and glossy paper.

Xerox Phaser 3020BI

Despite the fact that this model is more suitable for office work, the product is perfect for home use. Provides high-quality and fast printing.


  • type - laser;
  • printing - color;
  • A4 paper size;
  • the tray holds 180 pieces of paper;
  • coloring pigment is enough for 1500 pages.

Despite the fact that this is a laser printer, this model has a very compact size. Suitable for people who regularly print. It allows up to 15,000 pages per month.

Brother HL - 3170CDW

Great for home use. It does not have any additional functions for which it is necessary to overpay.

Main characteristics:

  • type - LED;
  • printing - color;
  • paper size - A4;
  • carries out printing on glossy and matte paper, envelopes, cards, photo paper;
  • produces about 30,000 pages per month;
  • has Wi-Fi and a LAN connector.

Before buying a suitable printer, the buyer must clearly determine the required parameters and how often the device will be used.

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