What to do if one earphone is quieter than the other

Headphones are a very popular accessory. They allow you to listen to music, play or watch movies, while not disturbing others. There are a large number of various models of the device, so that the user can easily choose the most suitable product option. But sometimes the owners of this accessory are faced with the fact that the device has become quieter. Some causes that cause a malfunction can be eliminated on your own.

When one of the device’s speakers plays much quieter than the other, this means that it does not fully cope with its basic functions. This causes a lot of inconvenience, because the owner of the accessory has to significantly strain his hearing.

The main reasons that one of the speakers sounds quieter than the other include:

  • accumulation of dirt, dust or earwax;
  • for inexpensive products, speakers are often demagnetized - if the reason is this, then the device must be replaced, since it cannot be repaired;
  • if one of the speakers sounds quieter, and there are also various noises or crackles, then, possibly, contact closure has occurred;
  • incorrect settings, in particular - balance;
  • various mechanical damage;
  • moisture in the product body.

Sometimes the problem is not the failure of the device. Many owners love listening to music at maximum volume. If this happens for a long time, it gradually leads to hearing loss. In this case, the user may think that the reason is due to incorrect operation of the product. In this case, the owner of the device should for some time refrain from listening to music using headphones. If the problem persists, then the help of an otolaryngologist will be required.

The most common cause of sound degradation is pollution. Headphones have a special membrane, it is necessary to prevent dirt from getting inside. However, she cannot fully protect. Therefore, the smallest particles of dust and dirt get into the product and accumulate there.

In this case, clean the device. To do this, you will need hydrogen peroxide or medical alcohol, they perfectly dissolve fat, so they can easily cope with the accumulated earwax. It is necessary to remove the protective mesh from the device and thoroughly clean the inside of the product. The net itself needs to be wiped with a cotton pad dipped in peroxide or alcohol.

ATTENTION! Some owners of headphones believe that if the reason for the deterioration of sound is hidden in the contamination of the membrane, then it must be removed. Doing this is strictly prohibited, since in this case all the dust will completely fall into the device, which will lead to its breakdown.

If one earphone works louder than the other, then you need to check the quality of the connection of the accessory and the external device. If at the same time noise is heard, crackling or the volume level fluctuates, this indicates a bad contact or damage to the device cable. In this case, repair is required. In the absence of the necessary skills, it is advisable to contact the workshop.

It is also worth checking the balance settings on the external audio device and, if necessary, set the correct ones.

If one or both of the headphone speakers began to play quieter, it is not necessary to purchase a new device. Indeed, in most cases, the cause is precisely the contamination of the product. And then it is enough to carry out a regular cleaning. If there is a serious breakdown, it is worth contacting a service workshop, since repairing a product will cost much cheaper than buying a new one.

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