Soviet means reliable: how the ZIL refrigerator saved Fidel Castro

Today's youth is often surprised that representatives of the older generation are in no hurry to part with old household appliances. And if modern washers still convince with their convenience, and new televisions are simply necessary in connection with the transition to digital television, then the situation is different with refrigerators. Old units are carefully stored in apartments, in extreme cases, transported to the country.

“Rukhlyach,” as the children of the 21st century call it, to their surprise, is in working condition. And even now it regularly performs its functions, which causes a certain respect among the generation of disposable things. And grandfather or grandmother with some pride repeat one thing: "Soviet - means reliable!"

So once again the fate of the old refrigerator does not change, it continues to freeze further. Among the many "unkillable" units - the Soviet ZIL refrigerator.

Why ZIL is not only a long-liver, but also a legend

Acquainted with the famous refrigerator closer, you understand: this household device could not have a different fate.

IMPORTANT! The ZIL refrigerator was called the most reliable among all models produced in the Soviet Union.

Here are some facts from the history of its production.

  • The refrigerator was produced at the famous ZIL automobile plant in the capital - Likhachev Plant. The company was staffed with high-class specialists.The equipment also corresponded to the factory level.
  • The most stringent requirements were imposed on components. Thanks to the authority of the enterprise, Zilovites could afford to mercilessly reject details. Even if they had minimal deviations from the norm. For example, small spots or the use of enamel, which deviates by a tone from the declared one.
  • REFERENCE! To maintain the quality of its products, the Likhachev plant could send the supplier a whole batch of billets. Sometimes such a rejected batch was counted in wagons!

The same high demands were placed on their own work. If in the process of assembly and manufacture of the device a small scratch or dent appeared on its surface, the device received the status of marriage.

Technical characteristics of the refrigerator "ZIL"

The main advantage of the unit was, of course, its quality work.
Impressive in size, the heavy unit with thick metal walls reliably preserved products.

ZIL in facts and figures

  • 8 mm - thickness of steel sheetsthat were used for the enclosure.
  • From 165 (first model) to 240 liters (second model) was the volume of the device.
  • Silicate enamel, which painted the surface, allowed to protect the metal from corrosion. And also made it easy to care for the device.
  • The handle of the device could become a lock. For residents of communal apartments, this was important. So the refrigerator could not be placed in your room, but in the corridor or kitchen.
  • From 8 l (1st issue) up to 24 l (2nd model) was the volume of the freezer.

How Soviet technology saved the Cuban commandant

The Soviet Union was rightly proud of ZIL's products.

One of these refrigerators, released in the 60s of the last century, was sent to Liberty Island, to Cuban leader Fidel Castro. His life was constantly in danger. Conspiracies and assassinations followed one after another.

Once again, American intelligence agencies decided to use the habit of the commandant. He was very fond of milk, and in hot Cuban climates he often drank ice milkshakes. Exactly in a milkshake decided to put a poisonous ampoule.

The Americans managed a lot: to bribe a waiter, to carry poison, even toss it into milk, which was cooled in the freezer. Do not take into account only the quality of Soviet technology! "ZIL" froze not only milk, but also a poisonous pill, preventing it from dissolving.

So the products made by the hands of Moscow workers, once again demonstrated that the Soviet - means reliable!

And this applies not only to the refrigerator, which we talked about today. Perhaps you, too, have ever seen various long-lived devices that began their lives in the last century and still work?

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