Characteristics of commercial linoleum

Linoleum leaf is surprisingly versatile and will complement any style of decoration. For example, if you have an older house, linoleum flooring may correspond to the original design of the time. If you have a modern house, you can make linoleum flooring on an individual order in order to safely declare yourself.

Commercial linoleum models are designed for both functionality and aesthetic value. Linoleum rolls are made from a layer of industrial quality that prevents such a quick warning of the floor. It is also more comfortable than most floors, due to the light sensation of softness, which makes prolonged standing or walking more enjoyable.

This type is an elastic material designed specifically for commercial areas with high traffic density and requiring minimal maintenance. Commercial quality coatings are commonly used in cafes, fitness centers, offices, medical facilities and shopping centers.

A fitness center

It is important to choose a gender that can protect your athletes' joints and your gender against the demands of a variety of rigorous workouts. Which class to choose for the fitness center?

There are various flooring options available for commercial gym flooring. Often choosing the right solution can seem like a daunting task. The most popular flooring options for use in commercial gyms is commercial linoleum, which will be a versatile sports flooring option to cope with all kinds of loads, from floor exercises to Olympic weightlifting.

Cafe or restaurant is a promising business. Many people want to open this business in their daily lives. If you plan to open a cafe, you should prepare all the important things in advance.

REFERENCE! It is important that you choose the right flooring for your cafe. There are several types of flooring that are available today.

Different materials may have advantages and disadvantages for all users. You have the opportunity to choose the best product suitable for your needs. Here are some recommended types that are good for your cafe.

Depending on the structure of linoleum, two types of commercial linoleum are distinguished:

  • Homogeneous;
  • Heterogeneous.

Compact vinyl floors, consisting of a single layer of vinyl, are glued to the base and welded. Compact homogeneous vinyl floor coverings are durable and heavy-duty solutions for heavy and very heavy traffic flows, especially recommended for use in healthcare and education because of their durability and ease of cleaning. Homogeneous vinyl floors are the only vinyl floors on the market that can be dry polished to avoid serious cleaning procedures and reduce maintenance costs by thirty percent over the life of the floor.

Heterogeneous vinyl is a multi-layered vinyl with print overlay providing endless design possibilities, long-lasting performance and low maintenance. Our heterogeneous vinyl floors are ideally suited to almost all areas of application, and we offer specialized flooring solutions such as acoustic vinyl, non-slip vinyl and uncoated vinyl.

Characteristics of commercial linoleum

Environmentally friendly flooring

Being a natural, environmentally friendly flooring solution, linoleum is made of all natural materials and is fully suitable for reuse and reuse. It also does not emit harmful substances and is not biodegradable, which means that it will not cause any indoor air pollution and will not extend the landfill, like vinyl or other synthetic materials.

It has a sufficiently long service life

Commercial linoleum is one of the most durable options that you can choose, as it is resistant to scratches, dents and scuffs. This solution, known for decades and able to withstand significant amounts of foot traffic, may be exactly the protection you were looking for.

Very clean and easy to maintain.

Antimicrobial linoleum floors prevent the growth and spread of microbes and bacteria; thus making it a popular solution for hospitals and educational institutions. The environmentally friendly construction of linoleum provides a uniform material and a consistent color - this means that you can easily sand damaged, soiled or scratched floors and polish to a completely new look.

It has good moisture resistance.

With proper sealing, the linoleum porous material cannot be damaged by water or other forms of liquid, making it an ideal solution for commercial kitchens and bathrooms.

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