DIY plywood chair

As many may know, there are many varieties of chairs. They are different from each other both in shape, in size, and in the original material. In this article we will try to consider in detail one of the design options, we will learn how to make a chair out of plywood with our own hands and what features should be taken into account during the work.

Features of plywood chairs

Before moving on to manufacturing, you need to go through a series of points that will allow you to work more productively. So, you should first determine the purpose of the future structure. So, he has a number of models, depending on the place where the chair will be suitable. It can be both a children's room and a kitchen room. After this, it is advisable to objectively evaluate your capabilities.

If you are just starting this kind of activity, then it is not recommended to proceed immediately to an advanced level. There are a lot of simple samples that everyone can realize, thereby gaining a certain experience. Important is the size. It depends on the personal preferences of the user and on the space of the interior. The next thing to pay attention to is the design. It is also determined previously.

Necessary materials

To do the job, of course, you will need the following items:

  • Sander.
  • Ruler and pencil.
  • Electric jigsaw.
  • Construction glue.
  • Self-tapping screws.
  • Hammer.
  • Cardboard size 600 to 900.
  • The cloth.
  • Special conductor for assembly.
  • Foam rubber (70 centimeters thick).
  • Bolts.
  • Plywood sheet (600 by 900, 2 millimeters).

Project and drawings

Of course, the presented aspect is selected individually. It all depends on your desires, and most often - on the growth of the user. Thus, for people with parameters up to 130 centimeters, an elevation of up to 30 cm will be required. For an interval from 130 to 145 cm - 34, respectively. Up to 165 - 42, for persons from 165 to 175 cm - 46. The height of the chair for a person with a height above 175 cm should be guided by a value of 48 cm.

REFERENCE! It is advisable to use such standard sizes in the work for beginners who are not particularly versed in the technique of sample preparation. If you have experience, you can experiment at this stage and pay attention to new forms of the product.

Manufacturing algorithm

And so, when you are armed with the necessary tools, and the goal is in your head, then you can proceed to the most important and basic process. By following the instructions in the order shown, you will get an amazing result:

  1. For starters, it is advisable to transfer the pre-made template onto cardboard using a pencil and ruler. Then you can begin to cut each part. When everything is ready, move the samples to plywood.
  2. Further, elements are cut out through the use of a jigsaw. The main thing is to do everything carefully, along the contour.
  3. Then you can polish the products thanks to a special machine. In its absence, it is recommended to use sandpaper.
  4. After that, create holes. They are needed for hinges. To give the most strength, you can use glue on the sleeves.
  5. Similar recesses will be required for spikes.
  6. After the done manipulations it is permissible to proceed to the assembly of all components into a single system.

ATTENTION! This is done on the basis of the drawing. The seat is fixed and foam is cut to give a soft position. When processing with fabric, it is advisable to use a stapler.

Decoration option

Of course, the whole process does not end there. In the modern world, there are several options for giving decor to your invention. The most common is the use of specially varnish. Thanks to it, the surface is guaranteed by long-term operation. Thus, the structure will look the most attractive.Another way is to mark the ornament. The main advantage is the ability to put into practice your unlimited imagination. Everyone can easily give personality, it would seem, to a conventional device. A simple fabric can also be a decoration. Using this method, it’s easy to complement the interior.

Useful Tips

Here are some tips that emphasize simplification:

  • The algorithm described above emphasizes the use of foam rubber. However, this action is not required. This is because the seat can be solid. Perfectly this technique is suitable if necessary, household needs.
  • As for the use of plywood as the main material, it is the importance of observing its thickness. The main thing is that it is reliable.
  • After preparing the parts, they should be checked for strength.

Watch the video: Cool Modern Plywood Chair, How to Make Two Chairs with one Sheet of Plywood (January 2020).


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