Sizes of baby bedding in the crib

At the birth of the baby, every caring parent equips a special bed, acquires all the necessary accessories. It is from this that the sleep of the child will depend. To choose the right bedding for the baby, you need to know the size of the products.

We’ll tell you what bedding is needed for a crib.

Bed for a newborn

Infants should only be surrounded by natural material. They must comply with sanitary and hygienic requirements so that during operation various skin injuries could not occur.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to environmental safety and the hypoallergenic properties of the paintings.

There are several tissues that favorably affect the sleep process. These include chintz, calico, satin, percale and ranfors.

Each of these canvases contains only healthy fibers.. Often, polyester is included. There is nothing wrong with that. On the contrary, ironing will take place in the most lightweight version, and the cost will not be so high.

ATTENTION! Do not forget about the varieties of bedding. The fibers of some of them can not only improve the baby's sleep, but also improve his health.

What is included in the kit for a newborn's crib

The standard kit includes the following ten components.

  • Mattress.
  • A blanket. When choosing, it is recommended to focus on the time of year. If the baby was born in the summer, then a bike blanket is perfect for using. For winter or fall, when the weather is inclement, you should think about a warmer option. You can pay attention, for example, to a downy product.
  • Pillow. A baby pillow can have one of three sizes: 50 by 70 cm, 50 by 50 cm, 30 by 40 cm.

Important! A pillow is placed in the crib for newborns only if recommended by a pediatrician! Most babies do without pillows!

  • Duvet cover. The size should correspond to the blanket, only to be slightly larger than it.
  • Sheet. It provides for allowances so that extra fabric can be wrapped in a crib with a small mattress.
  • Pillowcase. It is put on a pillow, therefore, it must correspond to the size of the pillow.
  • Side pockets. They are needed to store various items that may be urgently needed.
  • Canopy and attached fixtures.
  • Mattress cover. Provides protection against possible dirt and dust. Of the advantages, one can single out the fact that it is easily erased. And also the fact that the child absolutely does not feel its presence.
  • Side. It is a guarantee of safe pastime of the child in the crib.

Dimensions of all items from the kit for the newborn

Let's start with the crib sheet. Most often, you can find the proposed option in three versions. Parameter Standard:

  • 120 to 60;
  • 120 by 180;
  • 110 to 150, respectively (measurement in centimeters).

Concerning pillowcasesits parameters 45 to 45. However, there is another variation: 35 by 45 cm.

Talking about duvet coverIt should also be noted that it is available in two versions.

  • One of them is 100 by 150 cm;
  • the other is 110 by 140 cm.

Itself a blanket has dimensions 110 by 140 cm. And mentioned in paragraph the protective side is 360 * 36 cm.

But it is worth considering that these are just standard sizes.

reference. Depending on the location of the production, bedding for newborns has Russian, American, European sizes.

In this case, the dimensions depend on the country in which the product was manufactured. Thus, the following table can be compiled.

ProductionSheet SizePillowcaseDuvet cover
Russia110 * 150 cm40 * 60 cm112 * 147 cm
European countries120 * 170 cm40 * 60 cm100 * 120 cm
America107 * 183 cm40 * 60 cm101 * 121 cm

Bedding for preschoolers and schoolchildren

If your baby has already grown up to kindergarten, it's time to change all the accessories due to changes in dimensions.


All sanitary requirements for the selection are the same as for newborns. Namely: the fabric should be made of natural material.

The package is the following list.

  • Sheet with indicators 100 by 145 centimeters.
  • Duvet cover 110 by 145 cm.
  • Pillowcase 40 by 60 cm.

When the baby grew up

When the child grows up, it is worth considering again that his bed should correspond to growth, be convenient and comfortable.

However, at this stage it is important to pay attention not only to the scale, but also to the shade of the material and design. It becomes important to take into account the personal preferences of the son or daughter.

Thanks to the expansion of the product range, it is possible to choose both bright colors and products with interesting prints. For example, with the presence of various characters.

For a grown child we choose a bedding set, which has the following sizes.

  • Bed sheet - 145 * 215 cm;
  • duvet cover - 150 * 220 cm;
  • pillowcase - 50 * 70 cm.

The main thing in this matter is to choose what will be comfortable and convenient for the child himself. Therefore, it will be right to make a joint choice.

Now you know what bedding set should be selected for the child at different stages of his life.

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