How to clean the steamer from scale

The list of symptoms of breakdown of the steamer, the culprit of which is scale on the heating element, includes the appearance of stains on clothing and the appearance of dirty splashes. To solve this problem, high-quality cleaning is necessary.

Is it possible to clean the steamer yourself

How to clean the steamer? To answer this question, you need to know the design features of the unit. All information can be found in the attached instructions for use.

Important! It is strictly forbidden to clean this electrical appliance, which operates using a pump that supplies the required amount of water to the heating element.

How to descale your garment steamer? It must be borne in mind that the acid contained in all cleaning solutions adversely affects parts made of plastic and rubber, so the device can completely fail.

The presence of a pump can be determined by the following signs: during its operation, characteristic sounds are produced (permanent or periodic depending on the model). Repairs should only be carried out by a service technician who, for safe cleaning, will disassemble the device into parts.

In the case of a simple design, when heating takes place the entire volume of water, cleaning at home is allowed.

Popular cleaning methods

How to clean the garment steamer from scale? In order to effectively remove a layer of scale from walls and surfaces that are constantly in contact with a liquid of high temperatures, as well as in steam channels and openings, one can give preference to both folk and special means.

Use of purchased funds

The video “How to clean the steamer from scale inside” indicates that a wide range of special products of different price categories (“Anti-scale”) is presented in household chemical stores. Carefully study the information on the packaging to ensure safe use for the steamer.

The use of soda, citric acid, vinegar

How to clean the steamer? The most famous and affordable option is to use vinegar or citric acid.

Important! The acetic acid cleansing procedure should be carried out in a well-ventilated area due to the pungent odor.

How to clean the steamer from scale? There are a few simple steps to follow:

  1. There are two options for preparing the solution: for the first one glass of filtered water is needed, in which we dilute citric acid (one bag, weighing 25 grams); for the second, mix one glass of water and one glass of vinegar.
  2. The resulting consistency is poured into an appropriate container.
  3. We turn on the device at maximum temperature, after heating, you can click "Steam release".
  4. We direct the device to a pre-prepared container to collect the released contaminants (sink, bath). We are waiting for the complete evaporation of the solution.
  5. Disconnect the steamer from the network, remove the tank, pour out the remaining liquid and rinse well under running water.

Similarly, cleaning is carried out using soda.

Attention! Experts recommend not abusing this procedure (optimal cleaning at intervals of two to four months, depending on the intensity of use of the device).

Prevention of limescale inside the steamer

An effective preventive measure recommended by manufacturers is the periodic use of distilled water. In order for the thing necessary in the household to perform its functions uninterruptedly, you should forget about tap water from the tap, which is not always distinguished by a good composition, but give preference to filtered drinking water.

The latest models of steam generators began to be produced with a convenient function of "self-cleaning", the periodic inclusion of which will allow for a long time to forget about scale.

Watch the video: How to De-scale Optima Steamer Boiler Vessel (January 2020).


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