How to install a refrigerator

The refrigerator belongs to the categories of "essentials" household appliances. It significantly extends the shelf life of food and medicine, freezes and stores convenience foods and saves it with ice and chilled drinks in the summer. Proper installation prolongs the life of the device, so you need to approach the issue of installation responsibly and in advance.

It is advisable to determine the installation location before buying in order to immediately look for a model of certain sizes and characteristics.

Important! Usually, the installation location of the refrigerator is determined by the presence of a good outlet, but if you purchase a model with an ice machine, you need to provide for its connection to the water supply, which means that the installation location should be close to the pipe.

Separately, it is worth noting that not all devices have the ability to outweigh the door to open the other way, so you need to think in advance - which side will be more convenient to approach.

Recommended abutment surface

Such a large and heavy unit must be installed on a strong, smooth, non-slip surface. If the floor is concrete and the tiles are finished, then there should be no problems. If the floor surface is wooden, you need to make sure that the boards are very tightly screwed and do not bend under the weight of the refrigerator. During operation, the compressor creates vibrations that will be amplified due to the softness of the floor - this will quickly disable the unit, and will also irritate others, because vibrations will be transmitted across the entire surface.

What tools will be needed

The installation of the refrigerator does not require a wide range of tools, below will be listed all the items that may be required when installing different types of apparatus:

  • wrench - needed to adjust the legs, often included;
  • liquid or laser level - it is needed to adjust the unit in the horizontal and vertical plane, to set it "in level";
  • water key ("alligator" or pliers) - if the refrigerator is equipped with an ice machine, it will need to be connected to a pipe with cold water;
  • fum tape (tow) - to seal the connection of the pipe and hose (only if there is an ice generator);
  • screwdriver or screwdriver - they are useful for mounting decorative panels on the door of the device if built-in appliances are purchased.

Important! After unpacking the box, the refrigerator needs to adapt to the temperature conditions of the room, for this before connecting it to the network - wait from 6 to 12 hours. If he stood outside for a long time at sub-zero temperatures, then it is better to increase the time to connect up to 24 hours.

How to set the refrigerator correctly according to level

For the correct installation of the refrigerator according to the level, you need to use a special liquid level. It must be applied to the walls of the apparatus and twisted the legs so that each side stands perfectly upright. Additionally, you can check the horizontal plane by placing the level on the lid of the device.

Reference! You can tighten the two front legs a little stronger than the rear, bending the angle of inclination a little back to the wall. Such an installation will provide a more tight closing of the door. Correct the angle by 1 - 2 degrees.

Built-in refrigerator: how to carry out installation without a professional master

Important installation rules

Compliance with certain rules for the installation of refrigeration equipment will help increase its service life and ensure maximum efficiency. It is not recommended to place the refrigerator next to:

  • Sink - the refrigerator belongs to electrical appliances, therefore, increased humidity is a significant threat to it, it is better to reduce all risks to a minimum.
  • Stove, oven - it will be easier to work for freezing and refrigerating equipment if the air next to it does not heat up, which means raising the temperature inside the chambers. They need to be located at least 60 cm from each other.
  • Window - in the summer, the sun's rays will fall on the walls of the refrigerator and heat it, it is worth avoiding it.

During operation of the compressor and intensive cooling of the chambers, the refrigerator intensively converts energy and transfers heat to the surrounding air. For his correct operation, he needs a space from the back wall to the wall - at least 10 cm, from the side walls - at least 3 cm. Such an installation will allow air to circulate around, taking away the heat given off.

Make sure that the outlet to which the refrigerator plug is connected is grounded. It is also advisable to connect the device without the use of extension cords and adapters. If possible, it is better to connect it to the network through a voltage regulator in order to avoid fluctuations and extend the life of the compressor.

Detailed instructions on how to install the built-in refrigerator

Installation of an embedded instance not according to the location requirements does not differ from ordinary samples. The only difference is the pre-limited size of the installation space. It is worth considering the dimensions of the refrigerator in order to leave the recommended air gaps around the walls. Recessed copies are sold without beautiful face plates on the door. The facade will be decorated with special panels made in the overall design of the kitchen. Their installation is possible on the slide or brackets that come with the kit.

The best video recommendations for mounting embedded models

If the recommendations described above are not enough or better to "see once than hear a hundred times", then we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the video recommendation from professional installers:

The secrets of successfully installing cooling appliances in the kitchen

The most practical options for arranging kitchen appliances in the room

Not always the dimensions of the kitchen allow you to install household appliances in accordance with the attached instructions. Before installing the electronics, you need to take into account that the place for the stove is determined in advance - the place of connection to the gas pipe. If the stove is electric, then use the tip above and install the stove and refrigerator at a distance of at least 60 cm.

The sink is placed next to the water pipes, so its place is also known in advance. The refrigerator will be best placed in a corner - this arrangement is good because at least on both sides (side and back wall) they will be isolated from additional heat from the stove or water from the sink, if it is not possible to arrange the equipment on the recommendation.

Embedded samples already have their place. It is determined by the designer at the stage of designing the layout of the kitchen, so this technique, you just need to put it in its place. Unlike the hob - the oven generates much more heat during operation, so the refrigerator and oven must be positioned as far as possible.

Where to put the refrigerator so that it does not interfere

As mentioned above, it is best to determine the location of the refrigerator in the corner, where it will not interfere with its massiveness. However, if there is not enough space in the kitchen, then it can also be moved outside, for example, into a corridor or utility room. Thus, you can find the most isolated place from moisture and heat, provide sufficient air circulation and save space in the kitchen. With this installation, you must remember that you have to go to the refrigerator, so do not hide it too far.

Watch the video: Whirlpool Refrigerator Installation Model WRS325FDAM (January 2020).


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