The laptop does not see the boot drive

The main use of computer technology is the processing, storage and movement of information in various formats. Over time, data becomes more and more, so for their storage are developed special media. One of these devices is a flash drive, which provides fast storage and the ability to transfer data from various equipment.

In the shops you can find various models that differ in appearance, memory and cost. Select the appropriate option for ease of use. Modern options for external drives are used for various purposes. They can be used when working with a computer, laptop, and when using special adapters interact with tablets and phones. In our article we will consider the main problems when connecting a flash drive using a laptop as an example.

Why the laptop does not see the bootable flash drive?

Usually, if the removable media is properly connected, users have no problems, and the equipment functions normally. However, in some cases, the laptop may simply not recognize the connected equipment. In this case, it is worth carefully to diagnose the system and find out the source of the fault. Most often, problems can occur for the following reasons:

  • Using the wrong drive format. It is necessary to clarify in advance the compatibility when choosing and purchasing, if necessary, you can purchase a special adapter for pairing technology. But, as a rule, Windows has no problems.
  • Mechanical damage to the flash drive as a result of hitting or dropping water. If the integrity of the internal components is compromised, removable media will not be recognized by the system.
  • Failures in the computer's operating system can disable some features, including the recognition of connected equipment.
  • The defeat of viral software applications when downloading files from unofficial sources.
  • A system crash can also disable the detection feature.
  • Improper user settings. In some cases, the cause may be the human factor.

Try troubleshooting yourself if possible. Often the problem is solved by restarting the computer and closing unnecessary programs.

Important! If the problem could not be identified, or it is too complicated, you should contact a specialized service center for help. Do not discard the warranty, it will give you free help in diagnosing and troubleshooting.

How to see a flash drive if the laptop does not see it?

If you are faced with a situation where the laptop does not recognize the USB flash drive, you should read the instructions and re-adjust the work, and then restart the system. If this does not help, you can refer to the BIOS settings. To do this, you need to use the following plan and perform simple manipulations:

  1. Turn off the laptop or turn it on.
  2. At the moment the main boot menu and sound signal appear on the screen, press the F10, F9, Del key (depending on the device model) to enter Bios.
  3. Among the suggested parameters, find the “loading method”.
  4. Use the arrows to select this section and activate the value "boot from flash drive." In this case, all files and documents stored on the media will be loaded automatically.
  5. Open the desktop, go to the menu and work settings, make sure the connections are correct and check the quality and possibilities of the various functions.

There are other ways to view data from external media. For example, you can download data to a disk using a special program through a computer, and then open all data on a laptop.

Important! In some cases, to restore the work you need to install special applications. If the data did not represent value, buy a new drive or change its format by transferring the information to another computer electronically.

For fast and comfortable work and download various data, use the following tips:

  • Do not use a USB flash drive without antivirus included.
  • Do not trust the drive to unauthorized persons, each vehicle must have one user.
  • Periodically delete unnecessary databases.
  • Monitor the condition of the equipment, make preventive diagnostics, cleaning and troubleshooting.

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